A Note from Honduras

Here are some photos from a music session with Mestre Cobra Mansa in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He was here between July 10th and 15th. We had class every day, including music, and trained each morning. The mestre also visited La Tigra, a National Park near Tegucigalpa with several members of our group, stayed in barrio la Leona, where we train normally, and gave a class to adolescents and youth of Casa Alianza, an NGO that houses young people at risk or who have suffered from violence.

On Saturday June 11th, we had a show for over 150 people, in which Mestre gave a talk about the history of capoeira, there was a roda, and a batucada group. Mestre Cobra Mansa left an impression, and helped to improve the fundamentals of Ginga Lua, a new group that has been in existence since March 2006 (we collaborated with Grupo Raiz in San Jose, Costa Rica, in order to bring the mestre here to Honduras). I met the Mestre two years ago when he came to visit Nicapoeragem, the Capoeira group in Managua, Nicaragua (I lived in Nicaragua before Honduras!).

Gata Russa (Emma)

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i will be moving to Honduras for a year and would like information on how to contact your school, or if you know of any other schools in Norther Honduras. Please email me if you have any other information, thanks! moicagq@gmail.com