IV Workshop "No Fio da Navalha"

On July 21 & 22, the IV Workshop of Capoeira Angola “Fio da Navalha” will be held in Santo André.

Led by: M Cenorinha

Music, singing, and movement workshops
Discussion about the Capoeira Angola and its customs

The event will close with a Capoeira Angola roda and Samba de Roda of “Fio da Navalha”

Saturday, July 21: 9:30 am start, closing with a roda at 6:00 pm
Sunday, July 22: 10:00 am start, closing with a roda at 4:00 pm

Rua Julio Ribeiro 120
Santo André/ Sacadura Cabral / SP

For more information, call: 9853-8495 or 4421 8290
Or e-mail: cenoranofiodanavalha (at) hotmail.com

Spaces limited!
1 day: 20 reais
2 days: 30 reais

Thanks to M Cenorinha for the information.

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