"Black Atlantic: Route of the Orixás" at FICA-Bahia

The International Capoeira Angola Foundation- Bahia, a non-profit organization whose mission is the promotion and diffusion of black culture through capoeira, will host the opening of Projeto CINEMAFRO with the screening of the film "Atlântico Negro: Na Rota dos Orixás" ("Black Atlanic: the Route of the Orixás) by Renato Barbieri, followed by a discussion with Professor Cláudio Pereira CEAO-UFBA. Free.

The International Capoeira Angola Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes the diffusion of black culture through Capoeira Angola as an expression of Afro-Brazilian culture and as a vehicle for the values of the Afro-Brazilian cultural universe. Considering that cinema, while a representation of reality, influences the continual formation of our cultural identity, O CINEMAFRO proposes a discussion about Afro-Brazilian identity as portrayed in Brazilian and African cinema.

Where: FICA- Bahia, Av. Carlos Gomes, Ed. Esther Moura Franco, 5º Floor - Centro (in front of Bradesco)

(71) 3321-7365

When: July 20, 7:00 pm

Thanks to FICA-Bahia for the information.

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