Ladainhas of M Pastinha

In anticipation of the anniversary of Mestre Pastinha's birthday 120 years ago this Sunday, here are two of his many ladainhas as remembered by Mestre Bola Sete in his book A Capoeira Angola na Bahia.

Menino preste atenção
No que eu vou dizer
O que eu faço brincando
Você não faz nem zangado
Não seja vaidoso e despeitado
Na roda da capoeira
Pastinha já está classificado!

Eu nasci pra capoeira
Capoeirista eu hei de ser
Só deixarei a capoeira
Quando eu morrer!



Reflections on a Mestre from a Young Student

Each of us has our own unique experience and relationship with Capoeira Angola, yet oftentimes our learning trajectories, struggles, successes, and even thoughts about Capoeira Angola mirror those of our fellow Angoleir@s. A student from FICA-Seattle shares with us his thoughts on his growth in capoeira and his relationship with his mestre. Perhaps some of the same thoughts have crossed your mind. Enjoy.

i’ve been encouraged to write a little something about FICA activities in Seattle. My original intention was to write about Mestre Jurandir’s most recent visit to Seattle. However, as it unfolded, it turned out to be more of a personal reflection of my association with Mestre. i have done my best, at least at the moment of this writing, to convey to you sincerely through the limitation of words my thoughts and feelings. It is my hope that it inspires you to think about your connection with your fellow human beings not limited to Mestres, Parents, Gurus, Mentors etc. Enjoy if you so choose.

About a month before the international conference in Chicago, C.M. Silvinho informed us that Mestre Jurandir would be coming to town after the conference for a week or so. (As an aside, many thanks to Trenel Beto, Queen Mamma Huu and FICA-Chicago for their efforts in organizing a sacred space for many of us to share, play and dance.) So, when C.M. Silvinho mentioned that Mestre was coming to town i did not know what to think. i always enjoy his presence and yet i was somewhat apprehensive. i can’t truly say why, but the following play of words convey a semblance of my feelings, however limited words may be.

i am a young student of Capoeira and easily fall into the abyss of intimidation created from a mind full of social ‘baggage’, which encourages excessive self-indulgence. A clear example of such is getting mentally wrapped up in insecurities around authority while simultaneously dealing with cross-cultural differences. So, allow me to give you a little history of my relationship to M. Jurandir. i first met M. Jurandir in 2004, after which i had only taken a couple of classes at a FICA-Seattle Roda/celebration, of which i do not recall the occasion.(It must have been something pretty important. They were all in white!) M Jurandir, CM Silvinho and CM Urubu among other students were in attendance at the old space in Capital Hill. i enjoyed the games that were played, particularly those between CM Silvinho and CM Urubu. When I saw Mestre play, i must admit a sense of fear and awe. It was so relaxed and yet powerful! i also recall a telling moment, for me at least, at the end of the Roda when Mestre wept as he embraced Silvinho in appreciation for his efforts in sharing Capoeira with his son and maintaining affairs in Belo Horizonte. i was moved by the incident and recognized a sensitivity along with the power expressed in play.

That day was one of those inspiring and defining moments early in my path of Capoeira. It encouraged me to look beyond my ego and fear and continue to train with this group. Little did i know at the time, FICA-Seattle was in a time of, let’s say, transition. Many students had departed for one reason or the other. Mestre Jurandir had returned to Brasil and CM Silvinho began to lead the group. CM Silvinho introduced me to Capoeira and has shared much wisdom with me. For that, i am thankful beyond words.(By the way, CM Silvinho continues to guide me on this journey of life play.) Along with transition there was much talk, of course, and i will not go into whether those words were positive or negative. i will say this though, many words were emotionally charged, contradictory and for me outright confusing. Nonetheless, i listened with an opened heart not only to the message of the word but also to the message inherent in the deliverer. i listened with scrutiny, took heed to admonishments, made mental notes and for the most part asked very few questions. From there, i naturally began to shape an idea of Mestre Jurandir, neither good or bad, for i know all too well how easy it is to project assumptions on to that which you do not know. So, I truly knew of him nothing at all.

Mestre Jurandir became a figure of mystery to me and i must admit in the early days i avoided interaction with him as best i could. Not out of like or dislike, but out of avoiding my own internal struggles with authority figures. As i began to interact with him more during class, i kept quiet and did all i could to be a cooperative student of Capoeira. i just wanted to observe and keep listening and wait to formulate an opinion based on my own experiences. When Mestre came to teach, i was mesmerized by his stern looks and frustrations in class as well as his portugo-english words of wisdom about Capoeira and life.

As i grow in Capoeira, i realize that Mestre is not just a figure isolated in this beautiful art form, but a mentor in life. A mentor, who in his position as my teacher and guide, shares his thoughts and feelings about the life of Capoeira. i’ve come to my own ideas about this mysterious person. i have come to love and appreciate him through experience and not by way of hearsay. So, with Mestre coming to town i knew my ego would be challenged. How much, i wondered, would i fall prey to excessive inner dialogue and lose sight of presence that is so essential in Capoeira.

About Mestres most recent visit to Seattle…

On September 15, 2008 this figure walked into the FICA-Seattle training ground about 1 hour late! (Well, he’s off the hook, he was spending some quality time with his two daughters.) Mestre gave an amazing class with lots of intense energy, emotion and, of course, the fine details. It was good to see him do the movements even though he was not physically 100% due to his health concerns. However, Mestre’s mind is sharp and he sees everything and doesn’t have any qualms about letting you know that he sees. Seeing as such are characteristics of one who is experienced in, and knowledgeable of, the art of Capoeira. At the end of class, he gave little glimps of his endeavors, such as his work in Mozambique. After class we went to CM Silvinho and family’s home to share further over moqueca.

On Tuesday, the following day, we had a meeting focusing mainly on the upcoming celebration of Mestre Pasthina and African and Brasilian culture. We also spoke of the recent successful kids camp we organized at the community center where we train. A class for kids grew out of the endeavor, which we talked about continuing. The meeting was great and reminded me of how we have grown as a family and cooperative whole here at FICA-Seattle. Mestre sat back and interjected with suggestions and words of encouragement. For us, it is indeed encouraging to have the confidence and support of our Mestre.

The class on Wednesday was just out right ‘deep’. i will not even attempt to give the details of the class. I’ll just say, when you think you know something, you realize you know so little, and that is so humbling. Our respect and openness of heart as students facilitated a powerful space for learning. With that open space the amount of learning, even in basic movements, are profound as this person with almost 40 years of experience shares his love of the art of Capoeira in his own interesting way.

Thursday we had ‘da bomb’ music class and of course many words of wisdom.

Having our Mestre here in Seattle and showing him our best efforts was immensely gratifying. i won’t speculate too much on how he felt, but i will say that it feels like he is proud of our efforts.

To close, cause this done got kinda long, Mestre Jurandir has taught me much more than the eloquent utterances of words and demonstration of movements. Through him and his associations, i have learned the importance of presence, importance of the egoless mind and community. i am proud to be his student. As i learn more of and from him, i learn of myself. i am beginning to appreciate the inexplicable relationship between teacher and student.

As the dance proceeds and the illusion of self and other subside, the mysterious lesson of Mandinga unfolds. In how one relates and observes one’s relations, there lies his or her Mandinga. Life is but a dance and each encounter that we have is a moment of self-realization. Capoeira is a powerful tradition to engage in and practice the dance of life. As i dance with my Mestre, i dance with myself. Thank you Mestre Jurandir for being who you are: a mystery, a master of Mandinga. I look forward to opening my heart even more to you and revealing not only to you, but also to myself, who i truly am.

A Student of Mestre Jurandir

Very nice. Thank you, anonymous student.

Do you have something you would like to share with the international capoeira community? Send it along and we will post it (we can handle the translations English <-> Portuguese): ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com.


Salvador, Bahia: Roda and Chat with M João Pequeno

The Academy of Mestre João Pequeno de Pastinha
Centro Esportivo Capoeira Angola

Invites all to the commemoration of the birthday of Mestre Pastinha
April 5, 2009

Caxixi construction workshop
1:30 – 3 pm

Pastinha and his successors
3 – 5:30 pm
1st, Pastinha and his genealogical tree
2nd, The teachings of Pastinha
3rd, Pastinha introduces black and yellow
4th, Why the Joãos do not use black and yellow
5th, Pastinha and the balão
6th, To whom Pastinha passed the pulo de gato
6o: Para quem Pastinha deu o pulo de gato

Capoeira Roda of the Tree of Pastinha and invited guests
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Under the direction of Mestre João Pequeno de Pastinha

location: Forte Santo Antonio, Largo do Santo Antonio Além do Carmo
email: ajppastinha (at) hotmail (dot) com
33230708 / 88331469

Salvador, Bahia: Mulher na Capoeira Tem Dendê na Roda

Instituto Nzinga de Capoeira Angola presents:

Mulher na capoeira tem dendê na roda
March 27 & 28, 2009

Schedule of Events
7 pm, Seminar - Mulher na Capoeira Tem Dendê na Roda
Location: CDCN – Rua do Paço, 42 – Santo Antônio – Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Valdecir Nascimento – Superintendant of Women’s Politics/ SEPROMI
Adriana Albert Dias – historian and researcher
Christine Zonzom – sociologist
Rosângela “Janja” Araújo – Faced/UFBA e Instituto Nzinga
Mediator : Ligia Vilas Boas/ INCAB

4 pm, Capoeira Roda
Location: Memorial das Baianas de Acarajé – Cruz Caida, Praça da Sé

The objective of the seminar “Mulher na Capoeira: Tem Dendê na Roda” is to discuss the forms of violence that women face within the context of capoeira, including the challenges and paths through which women enter capoeira in a respectful way. In this way, the seminar will examine the dynamics of the strategies of empowerment of women capoeiristas, stimulating their political participation in women’s organizations.

Ireland & Germany: Angola Dobrada Events

Here are some upcoming events in Ireland and Germany with Mestre Rogério of Grupo Capoeira Angola Dobrada and special guests:

Capoeira Angola Workshop in Ireland
with Mestre Rogério Soares and Contramestre Alexandre
when: 11.04 - 13.04 Easter 2009
where: Thomastown Co. Kilkenny - Ireland
contact: ramoci (at) gmail (dot) com

and as posted previously...

Pfingstworkshop Capoeira Angola Dobrada
with: Mestre Rogério, Mestre Índio, Mestre Pedrinho de Caxias, Contra-mestre Alexandre
when: 29.05.09 - 01.06.09
where: Freiburg, Germany
contact: maxedaxe (at) web (dot) de

Thanks to Ramoci for the information.

If you have an event you would like posted to our calendar, send along the event information or flyer to: ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com - we'll handle the translation Portuguese <-> English.

Padova, Italy: Event with M Marcelo Angola

We have already posted this, but just a reminder that there will be an event in Italy next month that looks really good. Take advantage if you are in the area:

you are welcome to be a part of...
stage capoeria -festa capoeira-
10-13 april 2009
Padova, Italy

capoeira: Mestre Marcelo Angola (Bahia)
african dance and percussion music: Mestre Nzonzi (Congo)
4 days 70.00€ capoeira and african dance
1 day 30.00€ capoeira and african dance

bring a sleeping bag
bring your berimbau and your pandeiro, if you have one

friday 10 april
from 19:30 to 21:30 start stage with capoeira

saturday 11 april
9.00-12.00 capoeira training & music
14-16:30 capoeira training
17:00- 18:30 african dance
19:00-20:00 roda de capoeira

sunday 12 april
9-12 capoeira training & music
14-16:00 capoeira training
16:30- 18:30 african dance
19:00-20:00 roda de capoeira

monday 13 april
9-12 capoeira training & music
14-16:00 african dance and percussion workshop
16:30- 18:30 capoeira training
19:00-20:00 roda de capoeira

info: www.capoeira-angola-pd.it

staff associazione capoeira angola pernambuco


aprile-maggio-giugno 2009
corsi di capoeira a rossano veneto, al venerdì sera dalle ore 20:00alle 21.30, palestra comunale
costo: 3 mesi di capoeira 40 euro ( 3 months capoeira 40 €) progetto in collaborazione con associazione culture amiche onlus di rossano veneto, assessorato dello sport e politiche sociali di rossano veneto, centro servizio volontariato di vicenza

inoltre: italian and english languages

siete benvenuti alla festa, stage, di capoeira
dal 10 al 13 aprile 2009

capoeira: Mestre Marcelo Angola (Bahia)
danza africana e percussioni: Mestre Nzonzi (Congo)

4 giorni 70.00€ capoeira e danza africana
1 giorno 30.00€ capoeira e danza africana

per dormire portare il sacco a pelo, per la musica portare berimbau, e se avete qualsiasi altro strumento

venerdì 10 aprile
dalle ore 19:30 alle 21:30 apertura stage con capoeira

sabato 11 aprile
9.00-12.00 allenamento capoeira e musica
14-16:30 allenamento capoeira
17:00- 18:30 danza africana
19:00-20:00 roda de capoeira

domenica 12 aprile
9-12 allenamento capoeira e musica
14-16:00 allenamento capoeira
16:30- 18:30 danza africana
19:00-20:00 roda de capoeira

lunedì 13 aprile
9-12 allenamento capoeira e musica
14-16:00 danza africana e percussioni
16:30- 18:30 allenamento capoeira
19:00-20:00 roda de capoeira

capoeirapadova (at) gmail (dot) com

Have fun.


Introducing the Music of Dana Maman...

Dana Maman is a hugely talented capoeirista and musician who has just released a CD of capoeira music, available to download free of charge from her website.

Here's what her bio says (but I can tell you that beyond being a great all-around capoeirista, she is also a thoughtful, funny and genuine person. Play her in the roda if you get the chance. You'll have a blast.)

Dana Maman was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to immigrant parents of Moroccan and Persian decent. She started her involvement with music at the age of six with the violin, studying classical music and musicianship in the Catherin Luis Music Conservatory in Tel Aviv. Maman studied the violin for 13 years, traveling to England, Germany, and the Netherlands and participating in various youth orchestras and musical groups. At the same time as her formal violin training, Maman played percussion as well. During her late high-school years she began to learn more about Afro Brazilian beats due to her involvement with capoeira.

In 2001 she moved to Los Angeles and became part of Capoeira Batuque, furthering her studies of capoeira and percussion. Three years later, she became a part of Amen Santo’s Dance group Bale Folclorico do Brazil, with which she has toured and performed across California. In the past three years Maman has been playing West-African drumming and performing in this genre with various groups as well. She is still a member of the Bale Folclorico Do Brazil participating in school shows and introducing Brazilian culture in various locations around California. She teaches a capoeira music class and is part of the children's program in the Brazil Brazil Cultural Center.

Recently, Maman completed research in Salvador-Bahia regarding women in the music of Candomblé. The research explored women’s issues in the religion and music while getting an understanding of the affects of this topic to women in capoeira.

Currently Maman is releasing her first capoeira music CD.
Enjoy folks! And contribute to her paypal if you are able. We need to support each other in all endeavors.

Congratulations, Dana!

São Paulo, Brazil: Capoeira and Samba

Mestre Ananias
on the North Coast of São Paulo

03/20 São Sebastião
Mestre Dominguinhos
Place: Secretária Municipal de Cultura

03/21 Ubatuba
Mestre Jequiê
PLace: Fundarte

Capoeira e samba de roda at 8 pm

New York City: Celebrate M Pastinha with M João Grande

This looks like an amazing event! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about the recent history of capoeira in Brazil with someone who lived it, as well as someone who pioneered the teaching of Capoeira Angola in the US. Hopefully there will be a lot of good questions (start thinking now, my friends...)

Workshop "120 Years of Mestre Pastinha!"

Date: April 4th - 5th, 2009
Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Where: Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João
Grande - 104 W 14th St. - 3rd Flr - New York, NY
Cost: $25 for the workshop
- $20 for the Roda.

Please join us to celebrate "120 Years of Mestre Pastinha!", the workshop taught by the legendary Mestre João Grande at his academy in NYC!

Mestre João Grande will be honoring his Mestre, Vicente Ferreira Pastinha! Mestre Pastinha was born on the 5th of April, 1889. He would be 120 Years old if he were alive. We will be celebrating the spirit of Mestre Pastinha, which lives on in each of us!

Mestre João Grande will be teaching the music and movements of Capoeira Angola, and sequences of movements of the old Mestres. He will also talk about Mestre Pastinha and his importance for Capoeira Angola, and show old pictures from his collection. To finalize the Saturday's Workshop, Mestre João Grande will answer your questions as well.

On Sunday, April 5th, Mestre João Grande will have a big Roda of Capoeira Angola to celebrate "120 Years of Mestre Pastinha!"

10::00 - 12 Noon:
Mestre João Grande will be teaching movements and sequences of movements of the Old Mestres
12:00 - 1:00 PM:
Lunch break
1:00 - 3:00 PM: Music Workshop (Mestre João Grande will be teaching Toques do Berimbau, Ladainhas & Corridos)
3:00 - 5:00 PM:
Questions & Answers (Mestre João Grande will be answering your Capoeira Angola questions, as well as talking about his experiences and History of Capoeira Angola)

Come to participate with Mestre João Grande to support Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande.

Please bring your instruments, axé, and desire to learn directly from a legend!

Feel free to bring flowers, fruits, and juices to share with our Capoeira Angola family.

All Capoeira styles and levels welcome!

Thanks for your support!

Health, Energy, Peace & Blessings,
and Axé to whom is from Axé!

Mestre João Grande

Thanks to T Fabio for the information.

Freiburg, Germany: Angola Dobrada Event in May

A note about the annual Angola Dobrada event to be held in May:

Querid@s Angoleir@s!

We are happy to invite you to our encounter in Freiburg in May/June! It would be our pleasure to welcome you here and take part in capoeira with you.

Hiermit möchte ich Euch herzlich zu unserem Treffen in Freiburg einladen! Es wäre uns eine große Freude, wenn Ihr kommen würdet, um mit uns Capoeira zu leben und zu lernen!

Magdalena de

Pfingstworkshop Capoeira Angola Dobrada
29.05.09- 01.06.09

With/Mit Mestre Rogério, Mestre Índio, Mestre Pedrinho Contra-Mestre Alexandre + Special Guests

• Complete workshop/gesamter Workshop (4 days/Tage): 110€
(registration open until 04/30/09/für Frühanmelder bis zum 30.04.09: 95€)
• Weekend only/nur Wochenende (Sa & So): 80€
(registration open until 04/30/09/für Frühanmelder bis zum 30.04.09: 70€)

*breakfast and housing included/Frühstück und Übernachtung inbegriffen

registration via e-mail/Anmeldung per Mail und gleichzeitige Bezahlung an:
capoeira-freiburg (at) yahoogroups (dot) de

Associacao de Capoeira Angola Freiburg
Kreissparkasse Freiburg, BLZ: 68050101
Konto-Nr.: 2117874

Thanks, Lars!


Fortaleza, Brazil: April for Angola event

Abril pra Angola

April 16 - 19 – Fortaleza, Ceará

Mestre Cobrinha Mansa, Bahia
Mestre Pernalonga, São Paulo
Mestre Sabia, Paraiba
Mestre Naldinho, Paraiba

Associação Cultural Capoeira Badauê

* CD drop “Quando o tempo se destina” by M Pernalonga, SP and Contramestre Pernalonga , Germany

Place: Sede do Água de Beber
Av. Pessoa Anta, 218 – Praia de Iracema, Fortaleaza – CE

contact: (5585) 3254-7817 / 8737 – 7864


Pics from Women's Event in Salvador

Here are some pictures from the FICA/Nzinga women's event that was held last weekend in honor of International Women's Day.

We started the fun at Nzinga on Friday night. We started the roda with an all-women bateria, and two women playing. Men were there, and soon joined in the roda. Following the roda we had a mesa de frutas, always welcome after an energetic roda.

The next day, the dedicated were up early and ready for music class with Ana. We had people from all over the city, not just capoeiristas take part in the music class, as well as the dance class that followed, led by Suelly. It was an amazing class! We were all ready for the roda.

We had another roda, with participation of people from FICA, Nzinga, Zimba, Grupo Bonfim, Filhos de Angola, and others. Again, we followed the roda with a mesa de frutas.

Many thanks go to Mexicana (Adrianna) for all her organizing efforts. It was a great event.


T Beto on East Coast Tour

T Beto, who leads the FICA-Chicago group and who helped organize an amazing conference last summer, is going to be on the East Coast of the USA. If you are in the area, take advantage!!

March 26 - 28, Washington, DC
March 29, New York City workshop from 11 am - 2 pm

If you want more information about the NYC workshop, contact Puck at: fica_ny (at) yahoo (dot) com

enjoy, folks!


Berlin, Germany: 2009 Filhos de Angola Encounter

The date and most current program of the 2009 Filhos de Angola Encounter in Berlin, Germany:

July 16 – 19

Mestre Laércio (GCFA, Berlin)
Mestre Roberval (GCFA, Salvador Bahia)
Mestre Augusto
Mestre Marcelo Angola (Angoleiros do Mar)
Mestre Rosalvo (Vadiação, Berlin)

Contra Mestre Pezao (GCFA, Barcelona)
Contra Mestre Gato Preto (GCFA, Salvador Bahia)
Contra Mestre Arroz (GCFA, Valência)

Afro- Brazilian dance, jongo & percussion

Special guests: Contra Mestre Renny e Professor Fubuia

Coordination: Mestre Laércio

More information will become available through the group’s website as the event approaches.

Enjoy! Looks like a great event.

Thanks to Kalle for the information.


Salvador, Brazil: Capoeira Angola classes in Rio Vermelho

Sapoti leads the street roda on Sunday nights in Rio Vermelho, which is a great way to close your weekend in Salvador. If you are in town, don't miss it!

Bando Tupinambá

Capoeira Angola trainings with Sapoti
Mondays & Wednesdays,
8 – 10 pm

place: Espaço Corpo Mente, Travessa Prudente de Moraes, no. 1, Rio Vermelho
contact: 71 3335 3787, 71 8235 2900

Rodas every Sunday night at 7 pm in the Largo de Santana, Rio Vermelho (where the acarajé da Dinha is located)


Thanks to Elza for the flyer.


Salvador, Brasil: FICA/Nzinga Women's Event

This Friday & Saturday, Grupos Nzinga & FICA will be holding an event in honor of International Women's Day. Here's what's going on:


March 6
Roda at Nzinga
Alto da Sereia, Rio Vermelho
7 pm

March 7
Events at FICA-Bahia
Rua Carlos Gomes, no. 111 5th floor

9 - 9:45, percussion class (bring an instrument if you have one)
10 - 10:45, Afro dance class
11 - 2, roda!!

Afterwards we will enjoy some fruits together.

Hope you can make it.

Thanks to Mexicana and Elina for the information.


Salvador, Brazil: Women's Event at Acanne

Associação de Capoeira Angola Navio Negreiro

Este gunga também é meu

Protected by the separation of genders, through the civil rights of the comtemporary woman, the stundents of ACANNE invote men and women to participate in “Estre gunga também é meu” concerning the presence of women in capoeira yesterday and today. We will hold a discussion reflecting on this subject as well as a samba de roda and a mesa de frutas at our quilombo from March 9 to 13, 2009 at 7 pm.

Once again, you are invited to join us!

Capoeira class with Treinel Cris and a discussion regarding gender

capoeira class with Ludmila Bitencourt and a discussion with Tia, a student of ACANNE

roda de capoeira angola

continuing through the month of March…

03/23, 25 & 27
Mestre Paulo dos Anjos: absent or present?

03/28 & 29
Encounter with Mestre Rene Bitencourt on the Ilha de Maré in the quilombo Okê Arô

All events are FREE.

address: Rua do Sodré, no.48, Dois de Julho
telephone: (71) 3321-7496 ou (71) 9146-5999

Thanks to Elina for the flyer.