25 Year Celebration in Salvador!

This is going to be good!

Janja, Poloca, Paulinha, Valmir, and Boca do Rio will be celebrating 25 their years in Capoeira Angola with this great event.

If you will be in Salvador during the first weekend of August you would be insane to miss this!! And if you're not in Salvador, then try really hard to get there. Mestre Cobra Mansa will be a special guest.

Here are the details from the flyer:

Malungos: 25 Years of Capoeira Angola

Celebrating 25 years of Capoeira Angola of Mestres Valmir, Poloca, Janja, Paulinha, and Boca do Rio.
Invited Guest: Mestre Cobra Mansa

Classes, Rodas, Lectures, Expositions, & a Party
August 3-7, 2007

Information & Registration: (71) 9973 9870 and 99719283

Schedule of Events

Friday, August 3, Centro de Estudos Afro-Orientais CEAO/UFBa
3:00 pm Registration
6:00 pm Opening Cocktail

Saturday, August 4
2 classes at each site
9:00 am – noon
Cobra Mansa & Valmir, FICA
Janja & Paulinha, Nzinga
Boca do Rio & Poloca, Zimba

2:00 pm- 5:00 pm
Valmir & Janja, FICA
Poloca & Paulinha, Nzinga
Cobra Mansa & Boca do Rio, Zimba

6:00 pm Roda & Party, FICA

Sunday, August 5
2 classes at each site
9:00 am - noon
Cobra Mansa & Paulinha, FICA
Poloca & Janja, Nzinga
Valmir & Boca do Rio, Zimba

2:00 pm- 3:30 pm
Children’s Activities, Nzinga

4:00 pm Roda

Monday, August 6, Casa da Mandinga
6:30 pm
Discussion: Mandinga de Mulher: Gender & Capoeira
M Janja, Nzinga
Christine Zonzom, Nzinga
Adriana Alberta, FICA
Isabelle Sanches, Centro de Referência Lélia Gonzalez

Tuesday, August 7, Nzinga
6:00 pm
Capoeira Today
Fred Abreu, Instituto Jair Moura
M Valmir, FICA
M Cobra Mansa, FICA
Poloca, Nzinga
Paulinha, Nzinga
Boca do Rio, Zimba

8:00 pm Closing

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