War Songs of the Nagoas and the Guaiamuns

The following bit comes from the June-July- August 1996 edition of the Brazilian newsletter Capoeirando:
A musical relic from the last century

In the Toque de Berimbau [musical section of newsletter] the first registration of the musicality of capoeira in the 19th century: a song of challenge between the two great capoeira groups: the Nagoas and the Guaiamuns.

The Guaiamuns sang:

Terezinha de Jesus
Abre a porta e apaga a luz
Quero ver morrer Nagoa
Na porta do Bom Jesus

And the Nagoas responded:

O castelo içou bandeira
São Francisco repicou
Gaiamum está reclamando
Manuel Preto já chegou

These were part of a capoeira song and were registered by Plácido de Abreu in his book Os Capoeiras* in 1886 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The author called it a "tune" and it reveals the conflict between the two groups in the 19th century: the Gaiamuns and the Nagoas. These groups were divided into various factions based on city neighborhoods.

Today, these "tunes" have significant historic value as they confirm the presence of music in the conflicts as well as the name of the capoeira groups, and they reveal the presence of Manoel Preto, who was then one of the leaders of the Nagoas.

Interpreting this “tune” we can understand a little better the culture of capoeira of the maltas [gangs] of the 19th century. This song is the oldest registration of musicality related to the practice of capoeira.

*ABREU, Plácido de. Os Capoeiras Rio de Janeiro. Tip. Escola Seraphim Alves de Brito 1886. p. 03
In her book The Hidden History of Capoeira, author Maya Talmon-Chvaicer offers further insight into the song, including a translation:
Documents and illustrations from the early nineteenth century bear witness that musical instruments were played during the capoeira game, but no description of songs is provided. It is only toward the end of the century that various sources mention songs connected to capoeira. Abreu wrote that before rival capoeira groups got into a fight they would challenge their rivals with songs like the one the Gaiamus sang:

Terezinha de Jesus
Open the door and turn off the light
I want to see dead Nagoa
At Bom Jesus' door

The rival team would answer:

The fortress raised a flag
São Francisco answered with a drum beating
Guaiamu is complaining
Manuel Preto has shown up.

Manuel Preto was the Santana group leader's nickname and put the fear of God into his enemies' hearts. The Nagoas used images that belonged to their spiritual world. The flag, as described above, was used to communicate with the world of the dead. This is evident in the flag waving during funerals. São Francisco, a Catholic saint, used a drumbeat to overcome the Guaiamu. Africans compared their deities to the Catholic saints and worshipped them while hiding their African deities behind Catholic ones. Saint Francis was syncretized with the orixá Orunmila, the great benefactor of humanity and its principal adviser. He reveals the future through the secret of Ifa, the supreme oracle. He is considered a great healer. The drums warn against imminent danger but also communicate with other worlds and possess supernatural powers that infuse Manuel Preto with such strength that the "Gaiamu is complaining".

The Guaiamu were influenced mainly by Christianity, which is evident in their challenging song and their use of the names Therezinha (little Saint Theresa) and Jesus and the images "open the door and turn off the light", signifying the notion of extinguishing the life of the Nagoa and opening the doors of heaven for his soul. Songs used as challenge were widespread in the Yoruban cultures in the context of war. They had remarkable psychological influence. Evoking the memory of extolled victories, eminent warriors, spirits, and ancestral fathers that help in the war effort, songs were supposed to cheer up fighters and frighten their enemy. As Yoruban culture was very influential among the enslaved population from the mid-nineteenth century onward and as the Capoeiras were increasingly associated with belligerence, we can see why the ritual challenge was connected to song in the late nineteenth century. These songs were soon categorized as "war songs".
Both the book and the newsletter are packed with information about capoeira. We will be posting more from each in the upcoming months.

If you have something you would like to share with the community, please send it to: ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com

October 2008 Calendar Round-Up

Here are all the special events we have marked on our calendar:
3, Mestre Janja's Birthday Roda - Salvador, Brazil
3 - 5, Workshops with M Roberval - Stockholm, Sweden
3 - 6, "Let the Circle Be Unbroken" Encounter - Los Angeles, USA
5 - 11, "Resgatando os Raizes"Encounter - Lima, Peru
10 - 11, Workshop with M Boca do Rio - Denia, Spain

3 - 9, Workshop with M Jogo de Dentro - Milan, Italy
14 - 16, Mestre Pastinha / Zumbi Weekend - Seattle, USA
19 - 23, Ecamar Encounter - Sydney, Australia
20 - 23, 1st FICA-SP Encounter - Sao Paulo, Brazil
27 - 30, Grupo Kabula Event - London, UK
29, "O saber do sabor ancestral", Acanne - Salvador, Brazil

19 - 20, Encounter with M Jogo de Dentro - Salvador, Brazil

January 2009
16 - 26, Permangola Event - Valenca, Brazil

July or August 2009
FICA Annual Encounter - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Check out our web calendar for weekly/monthly rodas of schools around the world.

As always, if you would like to add an event to the calendar, just send us the information and we will post it: ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com


São Paulo: 1st Encounter of FICA-SP

Information about an event hosted by the new FICA study group in São Paulo:
The São Paulo Capoeira Angola Study Group is pleased to invite everyone to the 1st Encouter of the São Paulo FICA Study Group that will happen on November 20, 21, 22 and 23 in São Paulo. The event will have capoeira Angola and instruments workshops with the FICA masters: Cobra Mansa and Valmir, with Aloan of FICA Bahia and the distinguished presence of Mestre Bigo (Francisco 45), a disciple of Mestre Pastinha, well as other activities such as lectures, video screenings and samba de roda.

See you there and hugs from the people of São Paulo.

When: November 20 – 23, 2008
Where: São Paulo (Confirming local)

Special guests: Mestre Cobra Mansa, Mestre Valmir, Mestre Bigo, Mestre Ananias and
Aloan (FICA – Bahia).

The schedule will be posted to our website.

For questions, call:
55 011 98402314 or 44727402 (womualy)
55 11 93135644 or 41781797 (Tabatta / Morena)
55 11 83975867 or 55354669 (Alexandr / Alê)

or email: gecasp (at) hotmail (dot) com

fica_sp (at) hotmail (dot) com

new information coming soon!

See you there!

Looks great. Thanks to Womualy for the info.

Sydney, Australia: International Encounter

Second International Encounter of Capoeira Angola in Sydney

Who - Mestre Roxinho from Bahia, Brazil. Master of Capoeira Angola with a social conscience who is to sharing the cultural heritage of Capoeira Angola with Australia. Guests from Brazil Mestre Plinio and Mestre Augusto. The workshops are open to all ages and abilities and to observers.

What - 5 day Traditional Capoeira Angola Event, the second ever in Australia.

Aborginal Welcome to open the event
- Music and Instrument Classes
- Instrument Making Classes
- Movement Classes
- Roda Demonstrations
- Capoeira Angola History and Cultural studies including Videos
- Fundraiser Party on Saturday night 22nd November
- Close on Sunday with a ‘Samba de Roda’ dance/ celebration.

When - Full programme available on our website.
Wednesday 19th November 6:00pm-10:00pm
Thursday 20th November 6:00-10:00pm
Friday 21st November 6:00-10:00pm
Saturday 22nd November 12:30 Roda Demonstration in Hyde Park
Sunday 23rd November 3:00pm Roda Demonstration at ECAMAR School

Where – Capoeira Angola Cultural Centre, 41 Belmore St. (Cnr Foveaux St), Surry Hills Sydney. The school is just two minutes walk from Central Station.

How - To enroll go to our website.

To observe the roda demonstrations just come along entry is by donation/ $5

More info:

Sydney- The Brazilian Art of Capoeira Angola, the potent dance-fight style is about to explode into central Sydney this November at the Second International Encounter of Capoeira Angola.

Capoeiristas from Australia, New Zealand and Brazil will converge on Sydney's Capoeira Angola Cultural Centre from November 19 to November 23 for five days of percussion, song, dance and martial arts.

Mestre Roxinho will be joined by Mestre Plinio and Mestre Augusto, renowned Capoeira Angola Masters from Brazil, in leading 'Roda' demonstrations, African dance and instrument making workshops, cultural education and movement classes through out the five day encounter.

The workshops and classes are open to all ages and abilities and will be a unique opportunity to experience the culture of Capoeira Angola in its traditional form. Special attendees will be African and East Timorese Refugee Kids from Mestre Roxinho's Project Bantu for disadvantaged youth.

The Second International Encounter of Capoeria Angola runs from 19 November to 23 November at The Capoeira Angola Cultural Centre Sydney 41 Belmore St, Surry Hills.

For more information visit our website.

For more info please contact Mestre Roxinho on 0415 298 950 or email mestreroxinho (at) gmail (dot) com

Project Bantu

Thanks to Claire for the information.


Salvador da Bahia: Aniversário de Mestre Janja

This Friday, October 3, Grupo Nzinga in Salvador will celebrate Mestre Janja's birthday with a special roda.

Where: Alto da Sereia, Rio Vermelho (reference point: Restaurante Sukiyaki)
When: 7 pm, Friday, October 3

Bring your good energy! Its going to be fun.


Atlanta, USA: Workshops with M Valmir

FICA-Atlanta will be hosting a week of workshops with Mestre Valmir from FICA-Bahia.
When: September 23 - 28
Where: Horizons School, 1900 Dekalb Ave, Atlanta, GA
Contact: 4048246841, or icafatlanta (at) gmail (dot) com

Tues - Fri: 7pm-9:30
Sat: 11a-2p
Sun: 9a-12p, Roda: 2p-5p

Mestre Valmir has 27 years of experience in Capoeira. He was raised in the Rio Vermelho neighborhood in Salvador. He began his path in Capoeira with the Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho, under the tutelage of Mestres Moraes, Cobrinha Mansa and Joao Grande. He was graduated Mestre in 2003, and is the head of FICA-Bahia.
have fun.

Thanks to Jasper for the information.

Denia, Spain: Workshops with M Boca do Rio

First Capoeira Angola Encounter
Denia 2008

October 10 & 11
Friday, 10 (7 - 10 pm)
Saturday 11 (11 am - 8 pm)

with Mestre Boca do Rio

Movement Class
Instrument Class
Video Screenings

until October 1, €40
after October 1, €45
single day, €25
roda only (no workshops), €8

Registration payments should be made to: La Caixa cuenta nº 2100 - 2717 - 49 – 0100360893

Titular Sol Molinari

For more information, contact:
phone: 666 163 141
e-mail: pabloarasa (at) hotmail (ponto) com

Organized by BAOBAB Capoeira Angola
Check out the conference flyer at the group's website.

This is some of the work the group has done.

------ in the original spanish:

Denia 2008

10 y 11 de Octubre

Viernes 10 (de 19 a 22hs)
Sábado 11 (de 11 a 20hs)

Con Mestre BOCA DO RIO
“Grupo de Capoeira Angola Zimba” Salvador-BA

Clase de movimientos
Clase de instrumentos
Muestra de videos
Charla, debate

Hasta el día 1/10 €40
A partir del 2/10 €45
Un día €25
Para participar de la roda sin realizar el taller €8

Inscripciones: La Caixa cuenta nº 2100 - 2717 - 49 – 0100360893

Titular Sol Molinari

Más información:
Teléfono: 666 163 141
e-mail: pabloarasa (arroba) hotmail (punto) com

Organiza BAOBAB Capoeira Angola

Thanks to Pablo for the information.

Lima, Peru: Schedule of Events

Here's the schedule of events for the upcoming encounter in Peru:

Festival Schedule of Events

October 5 - 10, 2008

5, Sunday
Festival Inauguration
-3.00 pm: Registration
-4.00 pm: Inauguration
-4.30 pm: Presentation of Mestre Cobra Mansa: "Rescatanado las Raices" (Preserving the Roots); origin, ritual, Africanness, and tradition in Capoeira Angola
-6.00 pm: Opening Roda
where: Asociacion Cultural de Capoeira Angola Peru (Jose Galvez 588 Miraflores, alt 3 pardo, a 2 paralelas de Vivanda de Pardo. x Embajada Canada)

7, Tuesday
-6.30 pm: Capoeira Angola workshops
-9.00 pm: Presentation of Mestre Cobra Mansa: "Chamadas & Basic Rules in the Ritual of Capoeira Angola"
where: Centro de Convenciones Hotel Ariosto (Av. la Paz 769, Miraflores)
***price: 30 soles

8, Wednesday (holiday)
-9.30 am : Capoeira Angola Music Workshop
***If you have a berimbau or other instrument, bring it!
-12:30 pm : BREAK
-2.30 pm: Documentary Screening "Mandinga em Manhattan"
-4.00 pm: Presentation & Open Discussion “Capoiera in the World Today: its entrance into the world, its transformations and styles (capoeira regional, contemporánea y angola)”.
With the participation of Mestres, Contramestres, and Capoeira students.
-6.00 pm: Capoeira Angola Workshop
-8.00 pm: Roda
where: Centro de Convenciones del Hotel Ariosto (Av la Paz 769, Miraflores)
***price: 50 soles (whole day)

9, Thursday
-6.30 pm :Maculele workshop (afro-indigenous dance)
-8.00 pm: Capoeira Angola Workshop
where: Centro de Convenciones Hotel Ariosto (Av la Paz 769, Miraflores)
***price: 30 soles

10, Friday
Festival Closing
8.00pm: Open Capoeira Angola roda, also rodas of maculele & samba, batuque, and a fiesta. (BYOI, bring your own instruments to make some noise!)
where: Mochileros Bar (Pedro de Osma 135 Barranco)


• Sunday: free
• Tuesday: 30.00 soles
• Wednesday (holiday): 50.00 soles
• Thursday: 30.00 soles
• Friday: free

event t-shirt: 25 soles.

****Cost for participation in all events + tshirt: 100.00 soles

Thanks to Mochileros Bar y Hotel Ariosto

Capoeira (dot) angola (dot) peru (at) gmail (dot) com
capoareia (at) gmail (dot) com
99732-9494 / nextel: 408*5802

--- in spanish for you:


Domingo 5
-3.00 pm: Inscipcion
-4.00 pm: Inauguracion
-4.30 pm: Ponencia a cargo de Mestre Cobra Mansa: "Rescatanado las Raices" origen, ritualidad, africanidad y tradicion de la Capoeira Angola"
-6.00 pm: Rueda de Apertura del Festival
Local: Asociacion Cultural de Capoeira Angola Peru (Jose Galvez 588 Miraflores, alt 3 pardo, a 2 paralelas de Vivanda de Pardo. x Embajada Canada)
***Costo: gratuito

Martes 7
-6.30 pm: Taller de Movimientos de capoeira Angola I
-9.00 pm: Ponencia a cargo de Mestre Cobra Mansa: "Chamadas y Reglas Basicas del Ritual de la Capoeira Angola"
Local: Centro de Convenciones Hotel Ariosto (Av. la Paz 769, Miraflores)
***Costo: 30 soles

Miercoles 8 (feriado)
-9.30 am : Taller de Musica de Capoeira Angola (entonación de instrumentos, percusión, cantos (ladainhas, chula, corridos), relación entre la música y las situaciones de la rueda).
***Si tienes berimbau e instrumentos, tráelos!
-12:30 m : BREAK
-2.30 pm: Proyecccion documental "Mandinga em Manhattan"
-4.00 pm: Ponencia y discusion abierta “La Capoeira en el mundo de hoy: su salida al mundo, sus transformaciones y sus estilos (capoeira regional, contemporánea y angola)”.
Con la participacion de profesores, contra mestres y alumnos de capoeira en general.
-6.00 pm: taller de Movimientos de Capoeira Angola II
-8.00 pm: Rueda de Capoeira Angola
Local: Centro de Convenciones del Hotel Ariosto (Av la Paz 769, Miraflores)
***costo: 50 soles (todo el dia)

Jueves 9
-6.30 pm :taller y rueda de Maculele (danza afro-indigena)
-8.00 pm: Taller de Movimientos de Capoeira Angola III
Local: Centro de Convenciones Hotel Ariosto (Av la Paz 769, Miraflores)
***costo: 30 soles

Viernes 10

8.00pm: Rueda abierta de Capoeira Angola , rueda de maculele, samba, tocata de tambores y fiesta. (trae tus instrumentos para hacer bulla!)
Local: Mochileros Bar (Pedro de Osma 135 Barranco)
***costo: gratuito


• Domingo 5: gratuito
• Martes 7: 30.00 soles
• Miércoles 8 (feriado): 50.00 soles
• Jueves 9: 30.00 soles
• Viernes 10 : gratuito

Camiseta del evento: 25 soles.

****Paquete Completo Talleres
(incluye los talleres del martes, miércoles y jueves + camiseta del evento): 100.00 soles

AUSPICIAN: Mochileros Bar y Hotel Ariosto

Capoeira (punto) angola (punto) peru (arroba) gmail (punto) com
capoareia (punto) gmail (punto) com
99732-9494 / nextel: 408*5802


Celebrating Capoeira in Washington, DC

We at 733 Euclid Street celebrate capoeira just about everyday of the week in DC, but on September 13, 2008, the Brazilian Embassy hosted an event in honor of capoeira's registration as an official cultural patrimony of Brazil in the capital of the United States of America, Washington, DC.

FICA-DC started the celebration early with a Friday night roda for Mestre João Grande who made the journey to DC with his student Bujão. The energy was very nice and we were really happy to welcome Mestre back to our school after nearly a decade since his last visit.

The embassy event was held at the City Museum in the heart of downtown DC. Hundreds of people came, capoeiristas as well as interested citizens. The event started with a lunch discussion about capoeira led by Mestre João Grande, Fred Abreu from the Insituto Jair Moura in Salvador, and Mestre Camisa from Abadá Capoeira. Fred Abreu talked about the history of capoeira, João Grande talked about his roots as a capoeirista, and Mestre Camisa talked about the recent history of capoeira and his travels.

Many capoeiristas came out to hear the discussion, watch a bit of the movie "Mestre Bimba, A Capoeira Illuminado", have some lunch, and play capoeira under the hot September sun. It was a fun roda, led by Mestre João Grande with Mestre Jurandir from FICA and Mestre Camisa. There were also many other Regional mestres, contramestres, and professors there. We did a joint Angola-Regional roda that lasted a few hours, and then a local all-women samba reggae drum ensemble got everyone dancing.

To close out our long and happy day, angoleiros and regionais sat down to dinner together in Adams Morgan.

The event was part of the Brazilian Embassy's release of its latest edition of the magazine, Texts from Brazil. This edition is devoted to capoeira. It is really excellent and beautifully put together, and yes, you will soon be seeing excerpts from the magazine on the blog, but in the meantime, it is also available for perusal in our archives.

Thanks everyone for participating!

Check out JohnC's pictures

Take a look at Akua's pictures.


Salvador da Bahia: Workshops with Mestre Jogo de Dentro

Chamada de Angola

Experience Capoeira Angola with
Mestre Jogo de Dentro
From December 19 – 21, 2008

where: Salvador da Bahia
Casa de Mandinga / Garcia
e Coletivo de Mulheres / Calafati

when: December 19 -21
contact: 71- 8727-7127 / 8756-6434
jogodedentro (at) bol (dot) com (dot) br

Chamada de Angola - 18 Years of Resistance

With the aim of spreading and strengthening Capoeira and the work of the Grupo Semente de Jogo de Angola, Mestre Jogo de Dentro will hold the “Capoeira Experience” in December, with the objective to exchange information through the game, rhythm, and musicality.

Grupo Semente do Jogo de Angola will realize yet another cycle in its 18 years of resistance. We hope to continue spreading our seeds throughout the world, contributing and preserving the tradition of capoeiragem…

Come learn a litlle about this cultural phenomenon with African roots that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit through its rhythms, songs, and physical movements.

Schedule of Events
Casa da Mandinga - Garcia
5 pm - Movement Class - M. Jogo de Dentro
7 pm - roda for encounter participants

Casa da Mandinga - Garcia
10 am- Movement Class - M. Jogo de Dentro
2 pm - Music Class - M. Jogo de Dentro
4 pm – Open Roda
Release of a songbook

Coletivo de Mulheres - Calafati
2 pm – Closing Roda with the children of Calafati

Registration cost: R$ 50,00 / Workshops + Cd and a Mestre Jogo de Dentro magazine


Milan, Italy: Workshops with Mestre Jogo de Dentro

Capoeira Angola Encounter
Milan, Italy
November 3 – 9, 2008

Capoeira Angola Workshops with Mestre Jogo de Dentro

Trainings, discussions, berimbau & caxixi workshops, African dance, samba de roda, and many capoeira rodas!


Stockhom, Sweden: Workshops with Mestre Roberval

Info on an upcoming event in Sweden:
Capoeira Angola Workshop with Mestre Roberval
Grupo de Capoeira Filhos de Angola

When: October 3 - 5
Where: Lilla Adolf Fredriks skola, Dalagatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden


Friday (Lilla Adolf Fredriks skola, Dalagatan
18, T: Odenplan)
19-21, Roda de Capoeira Angola open for everyone, free!

Saturday (location to be confirmed)
11-13 Training
13-14 Lunch
14-18 Music/Training/Roda
18-23 Dinner and Party

Sunday (location to be confirmed)
11-13 Training
13-14 Lunch
14-18 Music/Training/Roda

500 SEK for two days
300 SEK for one day

trainers (at) gcfa (dot) se
Have fun!


Lima, Peru: Capoeira Angola Festival

Hey folks, here's come information about an upcoming event in Lima, Peru.

(Recovering the Roots)
October 5th to 10th
Lima, Peru

You are all welcome to participate and to stay in our Capoeira Angola Centre!!


October 11th: Afro Cultural Exchange: Visit to "El Carmen" , Chincha (Afro Afro Peruvian Community)
Capoeira Angola, Maculele and Afro Peruvian dance workshops!!!


Asociacion Cultural de Capoeira Angola-Peru - FICA Group Study

Here are some pictures from the group:

Many thanks to Fiorella for all the information. Have fun at the event!


London: Grupo Kabula Newsletter

Grupo Kabula newsletter:
Hi Everyone,

These are some info and news about the Events and Activities happening in the Capoeira Community in London ...

> Kabula Annual Event
> Rodas this week
> Kabula Weekly Rodas
> Film Screening


> Kabula Annual Event - Celebrating Besouro Preto & his Story

Special Guests from Brazil, German, Switzerland, Spain and UK

Special Guest from Rio: Mestre Russo's Film O Zelador screening and Q & A about film O ZELADOR* (The Caretaker, Bartlett Daren, 2007)
And Carioca Top Percussionist Master Pedro Lima

Dates: 27th, 28th, 29th & 30th of November 2008 (more info will be @ kabula.org soon)


> Roda @ Capoeira Angola Group in Angel welcoming Marcio from Salvador:

Hi there...
We are having a roda and its open to all on Sept 15th 2008. It is just to welcome Marcio (from FICA Salvador) here as he is visiting us in London. We will have a normal class from 7pm and the roda should start around 8pm.

Please come and bring some friends. Address is The Claremont Project, 24 White Lion Street, N1 (closest tube is angel on the northern line; buses are 30, 38, 43, 56, 73, and 476).
Pls ring if you have any queries - 07961462447 (Chris) or 07930566645 (me)


> Kabula Rodas:

We are doing 2 Rodas a week now: YMCA in Stockwell every Wednesday & The Arcola Theatre every Thursday ... all are very welcome to support and join the Rodas @ Kabula.

Also, we have our Monthly Roda on the first Saturday of each month in The Thanet Centre in Chalk Farm

Bring your friends to discover capoeira in it's essence, The Roda.
More Info @ our website


> Visit to East London Capoeira

Kabula crew going to visit Simon (Fantasma) - East London Capoeira - In Hackney on Monday the 22th. Would be great if as many Kabula Students could go to Simon's on this date.
This monday @ 7pm @ The Geffrye Community Centre, Falkirk Street, N1

> Marazul Roda every Friday:

Mestre Joaozinho & Suzanne still with their Rodas in Marazul in West Kensington area
Gibbs Green Community Hall - Gibbs Green West Kensington
London W14


FICA Encounter 2008: Cheguei na Igreja e Não Confessei

The 2008 FICA Conference was a great success. Many thanks to FICA-Chicago for organizing such an outstanding event. It was truly one of the best conferences ever!!! We trained hard, ate well, met new friends,re-connected with old ones, swam in the lake, played with all the capoeira babies, stayed up too late, partied a bit, and, of course, played lots of capoeira.

Throughout the whole weekend, we enjoyed the presence of the three FICA mestres, Cobra Mansa, Valmir, and Jurandir, as well as Mestre Manoel from Grupo Ypiranga de Pastinha in Rio de Janeiro, and Contramestres Silvinho (FICA), Alcione (Angola Dobrada), and Chorão (Acupe de Brotas).

Opening roda at FICA-Chicago. (photo by Russell H)

People started arriving earlier in the week to help out, but the event began on Thursday night with a very energetic roda at the FICA-Chicago space.

Mestre Valmir in the roda with Shayna, FICA-NYC. (photo by T Gege).

Around 11 pm, we all piled into yellow and black school buses and made the journey to Camp Lawrence which is actually located in Valparaiso (or Valpo, as the locals call it), Indiana.

In the dark of night, we staked out our beds in the cabins and dorms-- one for men and one for women :)-- some brave souls pitched tents in the drizzle, and called it a night.

Acorda, dende.

A few hours later, M Cobra Mansa and his band of wandering minstrels paraded through the cabins and dorms to make sure everyone was awake and ready for breakfast at 6:30 am. It was a gray and rainy day, but after a bit of coffee and stretching everyone was ready for some capoeira. More capoeiristas arrived that morning to add to the fun. We had a great time training (2 classes the first day!), hanging out, and eating good food. After dinner, a little pagode broke out in the dining hall, and a little later, a roda started that went til 2 am.

On Saturday, the wandering bateria again roused all for the day. Back at the dining hall, Mestre Cobra Mansa gave a few late night revelers who had the bad luck to have held a lively, loud conversation outside his window the night before an early morning lesson.

CM Alcione leads class. (photo by Russell H)

We were all a bit more exhausted then Friday morning, but the great breakfast and the shining sun got us going. After the first class, many capoeiristas jumped-- or were thrown -- into the lake for a refreshing swim. Following lunch, we trained some more and there was a nice discussion about capoeira as an international phenomenon with Mestres Cobra Mansa, Valmir, and Manoel.

Nossa Senhora da Mata. (photo by T Gege)

Later that night, we had a really amazing roda. Camp Lawrence is actually a Christian camp, and there is a little chapel called Our Lady of the Forest, set up on a hill a little behind the camp. It is small and intimate, but it has high celings. Also, a little bird lived there.

Deepa O (as in Oakland) vadiando with T Beto in the little green church on the hill. (photo by T Gege).

The sound was tight and the energy was close. The roda rocked the little church into the wee hours of the morning. It was real nice.

M Cobra Mansa and Huu at the closing roda. (photo by T Gege)

Sunday started off right with french toast (yes, french toast. the food at this conference was amazing) served up by Mama Geni and her cooking crew. We had a FICA general meeting to go over group business while those non-FICA members at the conference got to do a class with Mestre Manoel. Later, we had some cake to celebrate 10 years of FICA-Chicago, and got down to business with a closing roda.

On the bus. (photo by Russell H - btw, that's him right in the front)

In the afternoon, we piled back into the yellow and black buses to go our separate ways, all exhausted but richer in our knowledge of Capoeira Angola and in our friendships.

Of course, one of the great things about conferences is that you can see all your cappy friends in one place. This year, people from all over the world came to participate in the Chicago conference. Pretty much all the US FICA groups were represented, as well as folks from FICA-Japan (Raheim, Asuka, and friends), the Capoeira Angola Center in Italy and New York, Chorão came in from Boston, Jeremy from Colorado, Sylvia from the Universal Capoeira Angola school, and many more.

The amazing Mama Geni making magic in the kitchen. (photo by Russell H)

Just a note, the food at the conference was outstanding!! We enjoyed feijoada, bobo de camarão, lentils, smoothies, the above mentioned french toast, and lots of amazing veggies. (yeah, the food alone was worth coming). Many thanks to Mama Geni for her excellent cooking skills and kitchen management, and special thanks to Wajid, his daughter Laila, and Sarah, who brought fresh produce from their farm... tomatoes, greens, squash, beets, and more. It was amazing and it made us so happy.

Farming family + Russell H.

Many thanks to FICA-Chicago for organizing this year's conference. It was a >blast<. The group would also like to thank John and Laura Thorstad of Camp Lawrence, the IAC (Illinois Arts Council) and all the day care volunteers.

This conference must have set a record for capoeira babies present. Here is just one of the many with Jasper of FICA-Atl. (photo by Russell H)

Also, a special shout out to Ama of FICA-Baltimore along with her editing team, Drea, Isa, Gege, and Carlos Gomez for the production of another great issue of the Caxixi literary magazine.

**If you have something creative (or not, doesn't really matter) you would like to share, there will be another issue of Caxixi coming out in March 2009 in conjunction with the Women's conference. We'll have more information about it coming up, so check back, and please participate. The more, the merrier.**

Did I forget anything or anyone? Let me know if I did - I am still recovering from the weekend. I had a great time in Chicago. The only things I was missing were Phu and Lauren!!! We miss you. Be safe in your respective danger zones (Thailand & New Orleans).

Everyone in front of the weeping willow at Camp Lawrence, where being close to nature is being close to god. (photo by Russell H)

Here are some more pictures from T Gege.

See more photos on the Portuguese side of the blog.

**Check back later for more pictures.**

If you have pictures of the conference you would like to share, send us the link at: ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com, or leave it in the comments.

The next FICA conference will be in Belo Horizonte in July or August of 2009. Hope to see you there!

New York City: Workshop with M Jurandir

A note from FICA-NYC:
This Sunday, Mestre Jurandir will be coming to New York for a workshop and roda.

Date: Sunday, September 14th
Workshop: 10am to Noon
Location: ??

Roda: 2 pm
Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre Joao Grande,
104 W 14th St # 3 (@ 6th ave.)

Mestre will be bringing Birimbaus for sale as well as some capulans (traditional Mozambican fabrics than can be worn as wrap skirts or for any other purpose) to sell in order to support the group in Mozambique.



Paulista, Pernambuco: Celebration Roda

Grupo de Capoeira Dançando Angola invites all to participate in a commemorative roda in the Mirueira neighborhood, celebrating our two years of work.

The roda will be held on September 14, 2008.javascript:void(0)
Publish Post

Location: Escola Presidente Castelo Branco

We hope to see you there.

Please note: to get to the roda by bus from the Integração PE-15, take the bus Mirueira/PE-15 and get off at Praça C in Mirueira.

From the Macaxeira bus station, take the bus marked Mirueira/Macaxeira, and get off at Praça C.


More London Events: Film & Roda

Here is an update on events in London from the Kabula News Letter:
1- Film Screening - Besouro Preto .. Black Beetle (Documentary) this Thursday the 4th @ 8:30 pm

2- Roda de Rua - Camdem Lock Street Roda @ Camden Town


Arcola Theatre

Besouro Preto
Award-winning film by Salim Rollins

September 4th, 2008 - 8:30pm @ Arcola Theatre
Kabula Capoeira Class from 7 to 8:30pm


In the northeastern state of Bahia, Brazil lies a region of fertile lands spread around the city of Salvador, called the Reconcavo. During slavery, the area was recognized for its high yields of sugarcane. From the small town of Santo Amaro, located in Bahia's Reconcavo, comes the legend of a man steeped in African spiritual tradition, a Capoeirista (practitioner of the movement/martial art Capoeira) who took it upon himself to challenge those who abused their power. Some say he was noble, others a troublemaker who disrespected the powers of authority.

There is no doubt that Besouro Preto (Black Beetle) was a historic figure in Bahia's Reconcovo. But where does the historic figure end and the myth begin?

Besouro Preto looks deeply into the mysterious world of Capoeira, it's historic evolution from Africa to Brazil, its spiritual/religious traditions, its philosophy and then into the life of one of its biggest enigmas: Besouro Preto.

:- The Film Session is free

:- Capoeira Class is £7/5

:- Contact / Directions: Directions

:- Address: Arcola Theatre, 27 Arcola St, London, E8 2DJ


Kabula Montly Roda in September @ Camden Lock in Camden Town:

We are happy to invite all Masters, Teachers, Capoeiristas and friends to rise and share the energy of this Roda de Rua (Street Roda)...

All are very welcome and lets make it a friendly space for all the Capoeiristas and Capoeira stiles.

What time? 5pm
Where? By The Camden Lock
Contact for info: 07913993453 (C. Alex)

P.S. In case its raining Roda will happen in The Thanet Centre in Chalk Farm (see website) from 3pm onwards.

Ate la,

M. Carlao (Alex) & Kabula Team
Kabula Capoeira & Community Projects


Washington, DC: Schedule of Events

This is the schedule for the event on September 13 hosted by the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, DC in honor of capoeira's recognition by the Brazilian government as a cultural patrimony.


The Brazilian Embassy will be celebrating the recognition of Capoeira as a Brazilian Cultural Heritage with the release of a magazine on its origins and development.

The event will have the presence of Mestre João Grande and Mestre Camisa, as well as other capoeira masters from Brazil and Capoeira Schools in the area.

There will be a discussion between groups that follow the two main lines of Capoeira: 'Angola and Regional'.

If you play capoeira come dressed to join a big 'roda' and to participate in workshops. It is a free event and open to the public.

Location: Historic Society of Washington, DC
801 K Street, NW
Mount Vernon Square
Washington, DC 20001

From 10:00 to 11:00 set up and registration

From 11:00 to 12:00 Open remarks and lunch, DVD screening.

From 12:00 to 2:00 pm - Conference with Mestres Joao Grande e Mestre Camisa

From 2:00 to 3:30 pm - Capoeira roda open to everyone!!!

At 3:30 pm there will be a closing celebration with the drum troupe Batala outside the Building until 4:00 pm

Brazilian Embassy website

Mestre João Grande website

Mestre Camisa website

ICAF DC website

Abada DC website


See you all there!!!