Zumbi-Pastinha Weekend 2008 in Washington State

Angoleiros came from all over - Chicago, Madison, Hawaii, NY, Oakland.... but it was Mestre Jurandir who brought the sun to Seattle for a Pastinha weekend full of energy!

FICA Seattle and the Evergreen State College in Olympia combined our annual Afro Brazilian Festival with Pastinha weekend. The drumming, dancing, singing, playing, sweating and eating all combined to provide an exceptional type of communion.

Treinel Daniel set the pace Friday night when he packed a one hour class full of movements and concepts, especially impressive considering that he was asked to teach 5 minutes before the class began. The opening roda that followed grew steadily and kept momentum for hours, the event was off to a promising start.

Of course, a few grueling workshops were tossed into the mix. Treinel Baba Jan and Contra Mestre Chorão teamed up on Saturday morning for a class that pushed us all to our limits. Some of the topics covered in the class were eye contact and focus, repetition to the point of exhaustion, and various types of sapinho.

Then, our friend Awal Alhassen taught the traditional "Sala" dance from his native Ghana. Through these movements, translated as "human", he reminded us that our ancestries are interconnected. Like capoeira, the conversation between drummers is a key component of West African dance.

Mestre Jurandir led the afternoon workshop, teaching a number of movement combinations that none of us had ever seen before, many of them centered around his particular knack with rastiera.

Throughout the weekend, everyone’s energy was sustained by nourishing food planned and prepared by our own nutritionist, Dona Leika (CM Silvinho's wife).

On Sunday morning Mestre Jurandir led a berimbau workshop in familiar fashion, teaching variations and listening to each person play individually around the circle. A question and answer session around song lyrics followed.

Next, to relax a bit, our friend Dora Oliveira engaged us in shaking it down, Samba style.

The closing roda was opened by the youngest Angoleira around, at two years, reminding us all that the essence of capoeira is natural and instinctive.

Our Northwest trio - Seattle, Olympia, and Portland were pleased and honored to host such an amazing event.

Thanks to all who came, especially those who persevered breakdowns and delays, and brought so much axe!!!!!

And many thanks to Criss from FICA-Seattle for the pictures and the great report.

Have an event re-cap or pictures that you would like to share with the worldwide capoeira community? Send it to: ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com


Santo Andre, Brazil: End of the Year Activities

A note from Grupo No Fio da Navalha in Santo Andre, São Paulo:
Hello Friends!
The House of Capoeira Angola “No Fio da Navalha”

Invites everyone to partipate in our end of the year events!
With much capoeira and samba “No Fio da Navalha”

December 20 at 5 pm!

Address: Julio Ribeiro, 120
City: Santo Andre
Neighborhood: Sacadura Cabral
State: São Paulo > Brasil > Cep: 09060-760
Email & msn: cenoranofiodanavalha (at) hotmail (dot) com (dot) br
Telephone: (011)9853-8495 e 7205-7608

Roda every 15 days, ending with our Samba de Roda from 6 – 9:30 pm.

Jesus Cristo, Mestre dos Mestres!!!!!


Padova, Italy: Festa de Capoeira Angola in April

A note from the group Associazione Capoeira Angola Pernambuco:
April 10 -13, 2009

Festa de Capoeira Angola
With Mestre Marcelo Angola

Padova, Italy

Contact: capoeirapadova (at) gmail (dot) com
Mark your calendars!


December 2008 Calendar

Here's what we have marked on our calendar.
3 - 6, FICA-Rio Event - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
12, Last roda of the year, Nzinga - Salvador, Brazil
13, Last roda of the year, FICA-Bahia - Salvador, Brazil
19 - 20, Encounter with M Jogo de Dentro - Salvador, Brazil
20, End of the Year events, No Fio da Navalha - Santo Andre, Brazil

January 2009
10, First roda of the year, FICA-Bahia - Salvador, Brazil
16 - 26, Permangola Event - Valença, Brazil

10 - 13, Festa de Capoeira Angola with M Marcelo Angola - Padova, Italy

July or August 2009
FICA Annual Encounter - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
If you have an event you would like to add, please send the information to: ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com


Electing a Black President in Brazil

Following the historic election of Barack Obama in the United States, Reuters reflected on the possibility of electing a black president in Brazil. Here's a bit of the article:
... latent discrimination is rampant, as illustrated in the scant presence of blacks in television and advertising. Blacks also fare among the worst in health and education indicators.

Infant mortality among blacks is 40 percent higher than among whites, and illiteracy rates among blacks are also much higher.

Brazil has only had seven black ministers since democracy was restored in 1985, according to a UFRJ study.

Five of them have been under the current leftist leader, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, but they still tend to be limited to certain policy areas such as culture, sports and racial equality.

Analysts say it will take years before blacks take on powerful positions, and that only then would the ground be laid for an eventual black president.

"For us to have a black president in Brazil, we would need to have (blacks) at the head of companies, universities, town halls," Paixao said.


"It's part of the vision of Brazilian elites to disguise racial inequalities," said Santos, the equality minister. "But it is obvious when you have access to our social pyramid and see that it is white at its top and black at the base."

For working-class blacks, the prospect of a black president seems distant.

"The same racism continues in the U.S. and in Brazil today," said a 45-year-old construction worker in the capital Brasilia who gave his name as Ze Luis.
Read the full article here.

Thanks to Tanja from Grupo Aprendendo Angola for the article link.


Zumbi Day: Apenas Com o Coração

Agora tragam-me
Ferros em brasa
E marquem meu corpo
Que eu estou forte
Estabeleçam leis
E eu as transgredirei
E determinem padrões
Que eu os romperei
Cortem minha cabeça
E eu sobreviverei apenas
Com o coração

(Glória Horta)

Some badass poetry for your Zumbi Day this year. This poem hangs on the wall of FICA-Bahia as part of a Zumbi Day poster from a few years ago.


London, UK: Event Celebrating Besouro Preto



.... history, culture and identity in Capoeira

:::: November, 27th to 30th

Films, Rodas, Lectures, Masterclasses, Afro-Brazilian percussion, Brazilian
party, capoeira t-shirts live stenciling-graffiti and more ...

- For more info and pre-registration contact us: info (at) kabula (dot) org or go to our website.

- Limited space - book in advance

- All the venues, directions and maps can be accessed on our website.

• November the 27th - The Arcola Theatre
Registration (please arrive a bit earlier in order to register for the Conference)
:: Opening Day - Screening + Q & A + Roda + Food
:: 6:30pm - Presentation of the Guests and Conference Program + Film
Screening - "The Caretaker*, Film Documentary (Film length: 84min)
(studio 3 - basement)
:: 8pm - Q & A - Mestre Russo (we'll move to studio 4, upstairs)
:: 8:20pm to 9pm - Welcoming Roda for guests and general public (Studio 4)
:: 9pm cocktail - Studio 4 and drink from Cafe Arcola - 20% discount on drinks
from bar

• November the 28th YMCA Stockwell
Registration (please arrive a bit earlier in order to register and get ready)
:: 6:30pm - Lecture - Capoeira for Performance and Acting with M. Carlao, Greg
Hicks / RSC + others)
:: 7pm / 9pm - Roda de Capoeira
:: 9pm - Warming up the drums: Afro-Samba Batucada collective leading by Master Percussionist Pedro Lima from Rio de Janeiro.

• November the 29th - The Thanet Center
Registration (please arrive a bit earlier in order to register and get ready)
:: 11am - Lecture + Q & A: Besouro Preto (Black Beetle) and capoeira in Bahia during the first half of the 20th century.
:: 12pm / 13:30 - choice of:
1) M. Pedro Lima collective Afro-Brazilian Percussion class (downstairs)
2) Capoeira: simultaneous workshop with M.Braga / M. Paulo Siqueira / M. Joaozinho
(3 classes at the same time and different levels)
:: 2:30pm / 4pm – choice of:
1) M. Pedro Lima collective Afro-Brazilian Percussion class (downstairs)
2) Capoeira: simultaneous workshops with M. Russo / Prof. William / Rejane- Rilene
:: 4pm / 5pm
- Rodas* - 2 Rodas at the same time (upstairs)
:: 5pm / 6pm - All together for Big Roda* (upstairs)
* So, we will have plenty of time to all participants play on both Rodas
:: 6pm/7pm (upstairs) - All together: Celebrating Afro-Brazilian Rhythms from Candomble with M. Pedro Lima leading Monjolo-Cabula, Barra-Vento, Congo & Samba de Roda Rhythms
:: 9pm onwards (£2 donation)
Brazilian Party / Show with Pe de Serra* Band playing traditional Rhythms from Brazil + DJ
* The Great new Brazilian Band in London leaded by Mestre Pacheco and Prof. Pedro Campolina
@ Caipirinha Jazz Bar
177 Archway Road,
Highgate, London,
N6 5BL

_ Nov 30th - Shepard Bush - Marazul Space (11:30am / 6pm)
Registration (please arrive a bit earlier in order to register and get ready)
11:30am / 12pm - Film screening: Delicadamente Nobre* (TBC)
*** UK PREMIER *** (Documentary . 20 min. Color . MiniDV . 2008 . Brazil - Rio de Janeiro)
::12:pm / 1pm - Leaning Berimbau Rhythms Collective Master-Class (Berimbalada Orchestra*)
Lead by M. Braga, M. Carlao, M. Paulo Siqueira, M. Joaozinho, M Russo, Profs. Rejane & Rilene, Prof. Willam
*All the Masters will lead and teach Capoeira rhythms.
:: 1pm / 2:30pm - Capoeira: simultaneous workshops with M. Braga / M. Carlao / M. Russo
:: Lunch Break
::3:30 pm / 4:30pm - Celebrating Afro-Brazilian Rhythms from Samba with M. Pedro Lima leading School of Samba Rhythms from Rio de Janeiro
:: 4:30/ 6:00 - Final Roda


*Films Description:

Documentary. 84min. Color. 2007. UK - London
Shot in Brazil over a four year period, O Zelador explores the life of Mestre Russo who lives with his family an hour's bus ride from the centre of Rio de Janeiro. At an early age Russo discovered the value of Capoeira. The music, physical agility, self-defence and philosophy of this Afro-Brazilian cultural manifestation helped him endure a life fraught with poverty and danger. The film is an intimate portrait of Russo, his wife and sons and his loyal group of students who claim that Russo's love, knowledge and guidance have been an inspiration to them. A remarkable and engaging individual, Russo details Capoeira's place wider Brazilian culture and history supported by a wealth of archive footage.
Director: Daren Bartlett

Documentary . 20 min . Color . MiniDV . 2008 . Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
The career of Messias dos Santos, musician, painter and thinker of rural Afro-Brazilian culture – Master Messias as he is known. The film follows his thoughts, his painting and his music taking the viewer on a brief journey through the universe of this poet of Black Culture in Brazil.

Director : Cecília Lang
Script : Cecília Lang


Mozambique: Mulheres are Maningue Nice

From Mocambique


Back in July, Deepa and Bessa from FICA Oakland had the opportunity to travel with Mestre Jurandir to attend the 5th annual African Capoeira Angola Conference in Maputo, Mozambique. Mestre Jurandir has been traveling to Mozambique for the past four years to support a study group there. Surprisingly, there are not many Capoeira Angola groups in Africa. In Maputo we counted 2 groups, and in South Africa heard of no groups that played only capoeira angola. The group of boys who follow Mestre Jurandir in Maputo met him on his first visit there and in the classic way that angoleiros fall in love and leave all their other lovers they immediately decided that no matter what Mestre thought he was going to be their Mestre and they were going to train only angola.

From Mocambique

The group is large for an angola group with 15-20 people, mostly young men under 20, and there were only 2 girls who had just started training when we got there. Their talent is amazing. Boys with less than a year, or a year and a half in capoeira playing so well, with so much mandinga. They have a wonderful group of kids. We attended the 5th annual African Capoeira Angola Conference and they were all very patient and spent most of two days straight with us. Deepa and I helped out teaching a workshop on Saturday, playing berimbau in the rodas, and did a palestra about Women in Capoeira. There are not many women in the Angola groups there, some foreign women but not many Mocambicanas. We went around and had everyone say what they thought the reasons were that women didn't train capoeira. They came up with - their parents wouldn't let them, it was too late at night for them to be out, they thought it was something just for boys, or they felt intimidated. We talked about why it was important, based on Mestre Pastinha's philosophy, for women and men to learn and play capoeira together. We talked about how they had the opportunity in Mocambique since capoeira was so new, to start the tradition with already women and men together, unlike in Brazil where there were many many years where women did not play. The girls promised to try to bring more of their friends, and a few of the boys said they wanted to make an effort to bring their friends as well and make sure they felt comfortable. In short, it was awesome. The girls especially were inspiring. At the root of the problem, however, is a very different culture where women do not hold the same positions in societies as men and in many regards do not interact with men as equals. I'm happy to say that when I came back in August, however, there there two new women training!

From Mocambique

Maputo, the city, reminds me of Brazil- the streets, the people, everyone speaking portuguese. But then you look closer and see all the women in their capulans - their wrapped fabric skirts; you hear Shingana and other African languages - and you know you are in Africa Although capoeira angola may not be popular in the motherland, the angoleiros that are there are dedicated, inspired, and an inspiration to all other angoleiros around the world.

Sounds like an amazing trip.

If you are interested in helping the group in Maputo, Bessa bought a bunch of beautiful capulans back and is selling them to raise money for the group there. I know they have some at FICA-DC. If you are interested, email: ficadc (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Many thanks to Bessa of FICA-Oakland for the report.


Mexico City: Black Awareness Day Event

Information about an upcoming event in Mexico:

Terreiro Mandinga de Angola
Founder Mestre Pedrinho de Caxias

Invites the community to

Black Awareness Day

November 22
3:00 pm

- Showing of the film “Atabaques N’zinga” (Brazil)
- Open Capoeira roda
- Afro-Brazilian dance with
Odara (TMA)
Perola Negra (Dir. Julivaldo Santiago Santos)
- Presentation of the band

Zumbi não morreu, ele vive em todos nós


Centro Cultural La Pirámide
Calle 24, esp. cerrada Pirámide col. San Pedro de los Pinos
Metro San Antonio – orange line, Mexico D.F.

Free Entrance


Terreiro Mandinga de angola
Fundador Mestre Pedrinho de Caxias

Invita a toda la comunidad a la comemoración del

Día de la Conciencia Negra

Que tendra lugar el dia 22 de noviembre
A partir de las 15:00 hrs

- Exhibición de la pélicula “Atabaques N’zinga” (Brasil)
- Roda abierta de Capoeira
- Danza Afro-Brasileña com
Odara (TMA)
Perola Negra (Dir. Julivaldo Santiago Santos)
- Presentación de la banda

Zumbi não morreu, ele vive en todos nós


Centro Cultural La Pirámide
Calle 24, esp. cerrada Pirámide col. San Pedro de los Pinos
Metro San Antonio linea naranja, Mexico D.F.

Entrada Libre


New CD & Interview with Mestre Moraes

The latest edition of the Brazilian magazine, Praticando Capoeira, is devoted to the drop of Mestre Moraes' latest album, "Roda de Capoeira". The drop includes an interview with Mestre Moraes in which he talks about teaching Capoeira Angola around the world, musicality in capoeira, and the art form's roots in Africa and Brazil. It is a very interesting interview and the new CD maintains the same high energy and outstanding quality of his previous successful albums.

Here's a bit of the interview-- the cd you will have to get on your own:
Mestre, will you speak a bit about the martial and philosophical aspects of Capoeira Angola?

The martial and philosophical aspects of Capoeira Angola should not be analyzed separately. Movement and feeling should be linked so that the interpretation of the “game” is only possible by those who are part of the group that identify themselves as angoleiros. It was and has been this complexity thtat creates difficulties and has troubled projects that “characterize” Capoeira Angola until today. It is wrong to think that the angoleiro reacts only physically. The elements of capoeira, as seen by the naked eye, are always preceded by philosophical principles. Even if it is to orient the capoeirista not to react. I would say that philosophy is for capoeira what orality is to the written. One precedes the other.

How can Capoeira Angola help in the process of conscienceness-raising (individual or collective)?

I am unable to conceive of capoeira, being an instrument to orient its practionters, by socio-political facts, being used to raise indivual awareness. In the moment that it began to show it rebellious side in Brazil, repression against the groups that practiced it began, and not against the individual. As such, I believe that without collective conscienceness mestres will be transformed into personal trainers.

Could you speak a little about the question of music in Capoeira Angola?

The marriage of capoeira with the berimbau is part of the history of the Atlantic. Other symbolic associations have their place in the process of reorganization of African culture in the diaspora, and it is the same with capoeira. In the process of reorganization or re-inventions, whichever you prefer, various elements of different African cultures merged, and it offers us the most beautiful part of capoiera: the musicality. The game of capoeira starts with the rhythm of the berimbau. The berimbau player should be as capable as an alabê (percussion player in the Afro-Brazilian relgion), who through the rhythm of the music, enters in contact with the orixás and is the vehicle through which they take part in the celebration. The berimbau player has the same responsibility. In this case specifically, our “orixás” are the old mestres: Bimba, Pastinha, Valdemar, Bobó, Paulo dos Anjos, Caiçara, and others. I don’t believe that the mestres cited would particpate in rodas in which the musicians were not able to invoke them; ne it through music or the rhythm of the berimbau. After crossing Kalunga, I would be picky about which invitations I accepted.
Right on.

Thanks to Aloan & Chico Fedora for the tip.


Seattle, Washington: Zumbi/Pastinha Weekend Details

A message from FICA-Seattle about the Zumbi/Pastinha weekend to be hold in November:

Our yearly Pastinha Weekend will be in Seattle this year as you have already probably heard. Welcoming everybody, we are now only a little over a week away.

Please share this with your groups.

Here is the info (you can also find this info on our website www.ficaseattle.org:

International Capoeira Angola Foundation Seattle


The Evergreen State College


Afro-Brazilian Arts Festival
Homanagem a Mestre Pastinha
Exploring Culture through African and Brazilian Art Forms

November 14 - 16 2008

Rainier Beach Community Center, Seattle
8825 Rainier Ave. S, 98118


the Evergreen State College , Olympia
2700 Evergreen Parkway, 98505


Friday - Rainier Beach Community Center - 8825 Rainier Ave S. Seattle, WA 98118

7pm -8pm Capoeira Angola Workshop
8pm - Opening Roda, then::::::::::::: Snacks / Light Dinner

Saturday - Evergreen State College - 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia, WA 98505, SEM 2 Building, room C4107

7am - 8am Breakfast
8am - 10am Carpool to Olympia
10:30am - 12pm Capoeira Angola Workshop
12pm - 1pm Lunch break
1pm - 2pm Discussion and Film with Mestre Jurandir
2pm - 3:30pm Traditional West African dance
4pm - 5:30pm Capoeira Angola Workshop
6:00pm - Roda

Sunday - Evergreen State College - 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia, WA 98505, SEM 2 Building, room C4107

7am - 8am Breakfast
8am - 10am Capoeira Angola Workshop
10am - 12pm Samba Music Workshop
10:30 - 12pm Samba Dance Workshop (concurrent)
12:30pm - closing roda
12:30pm - Snacks / Lunch

Workshop Instructors

Mestre Jurandir
Contramestre Chorão
Trenel Baba
Dora Oliviera
Awal Alhassan

Early Registration: before November 1 - $75, After November 1 - $90

send check or money order to: ICAF Seattle
PO Box 28547
Seattle WA 98118

*The registration fee includes all meals listed on the schedule, lodging Saturday night, transportation to and from the space, and a t-shirt!
If you need a place to stay Friday night, we can accommodate you in our homes, so please let us know.

Please send an email with the following information to pastinhaseattle@yahoo.com
*Name and Group affiliation
*Are you a vegetarian?
*Do you need lodging both Friday and Saturday night?

Daily Rates (does NOT include transportation/lodging/food/t-shirt):
1 day - $20, 2 day - $30

Register by


Valencia, Spain: Black Conscienciouness Day

Celebration of Black Awareness Day 2008

Saturday, November 23
2 - 9 pm
at "TOTART with Juan de Mena 20, Valencia

Schedule of Events

2 pm, Inauguration & Welcome Cocktail
4 pm, Movie, "Amistad" (25 spaces open)
7 pm, Capoeira Angola Roda

in addition to..
photo exhibition
African, Afro-Brazilian, reggae, and Afro-Cuban music all day

Free Entrance for all

Organized by: BAOBAB Capoeira Angola


Día de la conciencia negra 2008

Sábado 23 de novembre de 14 às 21 hs
En “TOTART” c/ Juan de Mena, Valencia


14 hs, Inaugración y cóctel de bienvenida
16 hs, proyección del filme “Amistad” (aforo limitada 25 personas)
19 hs, roda de capoeira angola

exposición de fotos, reseña histórica
durante todo el dia música africana, afro-brasileña, reggae, afro-cubana

Entrada libra y gratuita

Organiza: Baobab Capoeira Angola

Salvador, Brazil: Samba Percussion Classes at FICA-Bahia

Samba Class
Escola de Samba – FICA

Music class introducing the instruments and rhythms of Rio de Janeiro's samba school and of Bahia's samba de rodas.

Learn to play:

- pandeiro
- surdo
- caixa
- cuíca
- ganzá
- agogô
- reco-reco
- tamborim
- atabaque

Prof. Ana Tomich

Contact Info: 33217365 ou 91028066


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; "For the Mestres" Schedule fo Events

Schedule of Events
“For the Mestres”
Mestres Cobra Mansa, Jurandir & Valmir
Contramestre Rogerio Teber
Treinel Alder

Wednesday, December 3
Registration, 6 – 7 pm
Training, 7 – 10 pm
Place: FICA-Rio space
Rua da Lapa, 181 2o andar

Thursday, December 4
Training, 9 – 11 am
Place: FICA-Rio space
Rua da Lapa, 181 2o andar
Training, 4 – 6 pm
Place: Multifoco
Av. Mem da Sá, 126 Lapa

Friday, December 5
Training, 9 – 11
Registration, 4:30 – 6:30
Roda & CD Drop “Aos Mestres”
Place: FICA-Rio space
Rua da Lapa, 181 2o andar

Saturday, December 6
Training, 10 am – noon
Roda/ Lunch, noon – 2 pm
Training, 4:30 – 6: 30 pm
Closing roda, 7 – 10 pm
Place: Multifoco
Av. Mem da Sá, 126 Lapa

Registration Cost (t-shirt, cd & event):
Before December 1 – R$80
After December 2 – R$100
Send receipt (proof of deposit) by email to: alderoliva (at) hotmail (dot) com

Alder Silveira Oliva
Banco do Brasil
Agência: 3118-6
Conta Poupança: 19.398-4
VAR: 01

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Its Been a Long Time Coming...

Not for nothing, but...

all right!

Good job, USA!

"They still call it the White House
But that's a temporary condition, too.
Can you dig it, CC?"

- George Clinton, 1975
"Chocolate City"