Washington, DC: Bokaboli Berimbau Orchestra

Presenting… Bokaboli!!

Bokaboli is FICA-DC’s berimbau orchestra under the direction of Treinel Babajan.

Bokaboli means “solidarity in the Lingala language of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The orchestra play rhythms from Brazil and around the world, including salsa, afoxé, camdomblé, reggae, swing as well as the rhythms of capoeira.

Orchestra practice is every Monday from 8:40 to 9:10 pm, following the capoeira class.

All are invited to participate! Don’t miss this opportunity!


Sarapatel with Samuel Querido de Deus

In 1944, the famous Bahian author Jorge Amado wrote a guidebook to the city of Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos. Not your ordinary guidebook with hotel ratings and maps, this guidebook focuses on the soul of the city. Amado writes about the streets, neighborhoods, mysteries, and characters that give life to the wonderful city that Amado loved. The book was published a year later.

In the chapter, "Personagens" (characters), Amado writes about some of the capoeiristas who roamed the city and the bay, including Samuel Querido de Deus. This capoeirista is a favorite of Amado’s (as was Mestre Pastinha), and appears in other books by the author, including "Capitães de Areia".

The Capoeirista

White hairs are already appearing in the hair of Samuel Querido de Deus. His color is undefined. Mulatto, certainly. But dark-skinned or light-skinned, tanned by an indigenous lineage or with traces of Italian in his angular face. Who knows?

The ocean winds that blow on his fishing trips have given Querido de Deus this color that is different than any known color, new for all artists. He departs in his boat for the waters of Southern Bahia where there are plenty of fish. How old would he be?

It is impossible to know on these docks in Bahia, but many years have passed since Samuel’s boat crossed the breakwater to return, days later, with fish for his stand in the Mercado Modelo. But the old boatmen can tell you that more than sixty winters have passed since Samuel was born. But are those white hairs on his head that always looks like it is wet with sea water? More than sixty years, certainly.

However, even still, there is no better capoeirista than Querido de Deus at the Festa da Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Praia, during the first week of December. Here comes Juvenal, a young man of twenty years, the most celebrated of all, the most daring, the most agile, the most technical. Whoever comes, Samuel, the darling of god, still can show that he is the king of capoeira in Bahia de Todos os Santos. The rest are his followers and still look frightened when he throws a rabo de arraia because they have never seen such elegance. And he already has white hairs.

There are many stories about Samuel Querido de Deus. Many stories that are told at the Mercado Modelo and the docks. North Americans have already come to watch him fight. And they pay a lot to see the old fighter.

Once, his friend was looking for him. Two filmmakers wanted to film a capoeira game. Samuel had just arrived from ten days on the ocean, fishing, and he still had a bit of blue in his eyes and on his face a bit of the south winds. He got ready. We went to find Juvenal. And with the sound and film equipment, we went off to the Feira de Água dos Meninos. The fight started and it was superb. The filmmakers went around with their equipment. When it was over, Juvenal was laid out on the sand. Samuel was smiling, the oldest filmmaker asked how much they owed. Samuel told them a ridiculous sum in his confusing way of speaking. It was what the Americans had paid to watch him fight. The writer explained then that these were Brazilian filmmakers, poor folks. Samuel Querido opened his mouth in a big smile. He told them that it was nothing and invited everyone to a meal of sarapatel in the bar at the front.

You can see him from time to time at the docks. Returning from a fishing trip on his boat. But certainly at the Festa da Conceição da Feira knocking down other capoeiristas, because he is the best of them all. His name is Samuel Querido de Deus.

Passages and stories like this, about the velha guarda da capoeira, are wonderful. It is imperative for younger generations to preserve them as best we are able and pass them on, especially today, as capoeira spreads rapidly around the world and not all groups have a mestre to orient and guide them.

Do you have a story that you would like to share with the international capoeira community? Send it along and we will post it.

Candangolândia, DF, Brazil: Lecture Series

Capoeira Angola Study Group
(Fundação Internacional da Capoeira Angola – Distrito Federal)

It is a pleasure to invite everyone to a series of lectures and video screenings related to Capoeira Angola, religions of African and the African diaspora, and music.

The first lecture is entitled: "Mestre Pastinha and non-violence in Capoeira"

Day: January 29, 2009
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Instituto Comunidade Praia Verde
Address: Rua dos Engenheiros, next to the Quartel da Policia Florestal
Candangolândia - DF


São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil: Free Workshop

Hey folks, if you are in Sao Paulo towards the end of February, you won't want to miss this great **free** workshop with Mestre Valmir of FICA-Bahia:

Hello Friends!

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to participate in the “1st Capoeira Angola Encounter of the Vale do Paraíba and the North Coast” taking place in São José dos Campos, São Paulo on Febrary 28, 2009.

I, Contramestre Saci, am very honored to share this event with you.

Notice: This is a **free** workshop, we will be with Mestre Valmir all day.
Location: SESC, Ademar de Barros no number. Point of reference: Parque Santos Dumont, the building is located beside the park.

Schedule of Events:
Feb 28
9:30 h, Event begins with a movement workshop and a short discussion.
12 h. Lunch break
14 h, Roda

Note: Please do not be late, and let us know in advance that you will participate.
Contact info: CMestre Saci, 0XX12-3912-6929 / 9733-3898

Don’t miss this greatr opportunity.

Um grande abraço e venha na paz de Deus!
Thanks to FICA-SP for the information.

Santiago de Compostela, Spain: April Encounter

1st Capoeira Angola Encounter in Santiago de Compostela

April 17-18-19, 2009

Mestre Boca do Rio (Salvador – Bahia)

Invited Mestres: Mestre Carlão (RJ), Contramestre Dirceu (RJ), Mestre Pedrinho de Caxias (RJ)
Photo exhibit: Vitória Cristina Aranha (Brasil)

Contacts: 0034-671-882-407
ogumoxosse (at) hotmail (dot) com
cristinalahormiga (at) hotmail (dot) com


Thanks to Pedro of Grupo Capoeira Baobab for the information.

You could take a plane, or the train to Santiago de Compostela, or you could always walk it out like they did back in the day.

São Paulo, Brazil: Two Saturdays with M Janja

Mestre Janja

Open workshop
Saturday, January 24 & Saturday, January 31
2:30 pm

Rua dos Cariris, 13
Travessa da Cardeal Arcoverde

Contribution: both Saturdays, R$30,00/ one day, R$20,00


São Paulo, Brasil: feliz aniversário, Cenorinha!!

Capoeira Angola “No Fio da Navalha”

Birthday Roda for Cenorinha
Saturday (today!), January 24 at 6 pm

Double CD and DVD of “No Fio da Navalha” is available
R$30,00 each

Attention: Capoeira Classes open to all

Mondays & Wednesdays: 7 – 9 pm
Sunday: 10:30 – 12:30
Rodas: every other week on Saturdays

Rua Júlio Ribeiro, 120
Santo André/ Sacadura Cabralsão – São Paulo – Brazil
CEP 09060-760

Contact: cenoranofiodanvalha (at) hotmail (dot) com
Tel: 011-9853.8495, 011-7205.7608

New York City, USA: End of the Month Workshops


When: Jan. 31 - Feb. 1
Where: African Services Committee
429 West 127th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10027
Contact: 212-222-3882

Sat. Jan 31
10am-Noon - CM Chorão (capoeira)
Noon-2pm - Lunch
1pm-2pm - Tom Armstrong (pandeiro)
2pm-4pm - CM Chorão (capoeira)

Sun. Feb 1
10am-11am - Sheri Clentano (yoga)
11am-1pm - CM Chorão (capoeira)
2pm-4pm - Roda

Registration fees:
Both days $75
Sat. only $45
Sun. only $35

Please contact us for more information or to pre-register.

Thanks to ShaynaM for the information.

Portland, USA: Roda and Party

A note from Portalnd, Orgeon:
The FICA Portland (OR) Study Group, under the tutelage of ContraMestre Silvinho and Mestre Jurandir just moved into our own studio. To celebrate we will be having an Open House party this weekend, January 24th, with CM Silvinho and Treinel Daniel visiting form Oakland. I will post pictures as soon as I have some. If any angoleiros are out this way, give us a holler.

Até Mais,
Leon & Quiero Ir

Fundação Internacional de Capoeira de Angola (FICA), Portland Study Group presents...

Open House & Open Roda
Uma festa para o nosso novo estúdio...
707 NE Broadway, #203

Saturday, January 24th
6-7 pm: Capoeira Angola Workshop
An introduction to the fundamentals of Capoeira Angola, with ContraMestre Silvinho.

7-9 pm: Roda de Capoeira Angola
All capoeristas welcome!

9-11 pm: Festa do Samba e Forró
Live music from Portlands finest Brazilophile musicians, including Z’Bumba and members of Samba Gata will keep us dancing into the night.

By donation only. Drinks and diversions will be available!
Sounds like a very nice event. Have fun!

Thanks to Leon & Quero Ir for the information.


Bologna, Italy: Workshops with Mestre Boca do Rio

A Ancestralidade de Capoeira Angola

Who: Mestre Boca do Rio, Marcelo e Malungos
When: February 13 - 15
Where: Via Vasco de Gama 20, Bologna, Italy
Cost: 30 euro, single day; 60 euro, complete
Contact: 393283078792 or medusa (dot) angola (at) hotmail (dot) it


New York City, USA: Feliz Aniversário Mestre João Grande

Another good reason to be on the East Coast inauguration week:


You're invited to celebrate…

Mestre João Grande's Birthday with us!

When: January 18, 2009
, 2 – 8:30pm
Where: Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande
104 West
14th Street 3rd Floor New
York, NY 10011
Price: $15

What to bring: Fruits, juices, & other snacks

Thanks to Jamel for the information.

** FICA-DC will be hosting a roda in celebration of President Obama's inauguration on Monday, January 19 from 3 - 7 pm. See you there!



Gabriela Casal, also known as "Pintadinha", created a small Portuguese <-> English manual entitled "Inglês na aula de capoeira" (English in capoeira class) for Brazilian teachers of capoiera who were traveling abroad, but it works just as well for English-speaking students.

Here are just a few examples of frequently used words and phrases that she has translated:
dois a dois – two by two/ in pairs

direita – right

esquerda – left

De novo – again

isso! – good!

rápido – Fast

devagar – slow

descer/ Desce – go down/ go low

subir/sobe – stand up/ get up

trocar/troca – switch

chutar/ chuta – kick

virar/vira – turn

girar/gira – spin

travar/trava – block

soltar/solta – release/let go

armar/arma – prepare

abdominal – sit-up

apoio – push-up

mão toda no chão – whole hand on the floor

protege seu rosto – protect your face

Desculpe o atraso – I’m sorry I’m late

Estou cansada/o – I’m tired

Onde fica o banheiro? – Where is the bathroom?

Pode me dar seu telefone? – Can you give me your phone number? (seriously!!)
There are many more in the little manual. Have any words, phrases, or lines that you would like to share?


Quebec, Canada: Capoeira Angola Classes

Our camarada Roque from FICA-Bahia, who is now based in Canada, has started a Capoeira Angola group. If you are in the area, go by and check it out. Boa sorte, Roque.

Class Schedule starting January 12

Mondays: 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Wednesdays: 7 – 9 pm
Loisirs Montcalm
265, Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest

Tuesdays: 6 – 8 pm
Studio 5, 336 rue du Roi, 2e étage

Contact: 524-6030, 554-7601
capoeiraangolaquebec (at) gmail (dot) com


Horaire des cours à partir du 12 janvier 2009

Lundis: 17h30 à 19h30
Mercredis: 19h à 21h
Loisirs Montcalm
265, Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest

Mardis: 18h à 20h
Studio 5, 336 rue du Roi, 2e étage

Informations: 524-6030, 554-7601

Capoeira Events Calendar 2009

Here's what we have marked on our calendar so far for 2009:

6, Start of Beginners' Capoeira Angola Classes - Washington, DC, USA
9, First roda of 2009, Grupo Nzinga - São Paulo, Brazil
10, First roda of the year, FICA-Bahia - Salvador, Brazil
13, Capoeira Angola classes begin - Lima, Peru
16 - 26, Permangola Event - Valença, Brazil
19, Roda celebrating the Inauguration of President Obama - Washington, DC, USA
22, Start of Beginners' Session - New York City, USA

10 - 13, Festa de Capoeira Angola with M Marcelo Angola - Padova, Italy

30 - August 2, FICA Annual Encounter - Belo Horizonte, Brazil

As always, if your event is missing, send along the information and we will post it.

boa sorte em 2009!


São Paulo, Brasil: Opening Roda 2009

A message from São Paulo:


Wishing all a 2009 full of lessons and accomplishments!

On January 9 at 7:30 pm, we will begin our activities for 2009. We will be celebrating the coming year with a capoeira roda. All are invited!

Communications Commission
Grupo Nzinga de Capoeira Angola

Rua Cariris, 13
Pinheiros - São Paulo


Salvador, Brazil: FICA-Bahia Closes 2008

FICA-Bahia held its final roda of the year on Saturday, December 13. They welcomed capoeiristas from Grupo Nzinga, including Mestre Poloca, as well as Acanne, Acupe de Brotas, Angoleiros de Serra, Fabricio from Colombia (our old friend from FICA-DC who also trained for many years with FICA-Bahia), and a whole mess of gringos from all over the world- South Africa, Sweden, the USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, Israel, and many other countries.

It was a real good time. The energy was fantastic, the music was excellent, and we ate a lot of fruit when it was over.

If you missed the closing roda, you can catch the opening roda of 2009 on Saturday, January 10th at the FICA-Bahia space at Ed. Esther Moura Franca, Rua Carlos Gomes no. 111 5o andar, Centro.

Have fun!

Washington, DC: Last Roda of 2008

Some pictures from FICA-DC's last roda of the year. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

If you missed the roda, FICA-DC will be holding a special roda in honor of President Barack Obama, on Sunday, January 18, the weekend before his inaugration in our fine city. FICA-DC will also hold weekly rodas on every Saturday at 11:00 am.

If you are interested in taking Capoeira Angola classes in DC, a special "Beginners' Session" will be held, starting Tuesday, January 6, at 7 pm.

Thanks to T Gege for the pictures.

New York City, USA: The Final Roda of the Year

Pictures from the last roda of the year at FICA-NYC, with special guests from Mestre João Grande's school, FICA-DC, FICA-Oakland, and Contramestre Chorão from Acupe de Brotas, now close by in Boston.

Thanks to Merle (FICA-NYC) and T Gege for the photos.

If you have pictures from a roda that you would like to share with the international Capoeira Angola community, please send them (or a link) along to: ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com

New York City, USA: Beginners' Session this January

Never done capoeira before? Then these classes are for you! Come learn the basics of capoeira movement, music, history and philosophy with FICA New York.

You get 10 sessions (plus a T-shirt) for $95... all ages, fitness levels, and physical abilities welcome!

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm
Beginning THURSDAY, January 22

Where: 232 7th Ave. btw. 23rd and 24th Streets
2nd Floor

Wear: Comfortable pants, shoes, and a T-shirt that can be tucked in.

Please contact us for more information or to pre-register.

Padova, Italy: Flyer for April Event

Associazione Capoeira Angola Pernambuco

Festa-Stage de Capoeira
10 - 13 April 2009
with Mestre Marcelo Angola

African Dance (Congo) and Percussion Music with Mestre Nzonzi

Friday, April 10
8 - 1o pm, roda

Saturday, Sunday, & Monday
April 11- 13
9 am - 12:30 pm, training
3 - 7 pm, training
7:30 - 9:30 pm, roda

more info:
capoeirapadova (at) gmail (dot) com
tel: 338000353 or 3498743945

Have fun.

Lima, Peru: Class Schedule Update

A note from the angoleir@s in Peru:

Happy New Year to everyone!!

We invite you to our trainings and Capoeira Angola classes this summer, beginning Tuesday, Jaunary 13.

The new schedule is::
-Monday 7 pm (playing/training)
-Tuesday 7 pm (class)
-Thursday7 pm (class)

Where: Asociacion Cultural de Capoeira Angola (Jose Galvez 588 Miraflores, altura 3 Bologensi, x embajada Canada, a 2 paralelas Vivanda de Pardo).

Single Class: 15 soles
Monthly (two classes a week): 130 soles
Monthly (three classes a week): 150 soles


Feliz Año para todos!!

Los invitamos a los entrenamientos y clases de capoeira angola de verano, a partir del martes 13 de enero.

Los nuevos horarios son:
-Lunes 7 pm (juego-entrenamiento)
-Martes 7 pm (clases)
-Jueves 7 pm (clases)

Lugar: Asociacion Cultural de Capoeira Angola (Jose Galvez 588 Miraflores, altura 3 Bologensi, x embajada Canada, a 2 paralelas Vivanda de Pardo).

costo por dia: 15 soles

costo mensual (x2 semana): 130 soles
costo mensual (x3 semana): 150 soles


email: capoeira-angola-peru (at) gmail (dot) com
Tel: 9-9732-9494, 9-995-11074, Nextel: 408*5802

Thanks to Fiorella for the information.