Event with Mestre Jogo de Dentro

For all of you in Brazil who had a great time at the Annual FICA conference in Rio, and are now on your way to the 25 Years of Capoeira Angola celebration with Mestres Valmir, Janja, Poloca, Paulinha, and Boca do Rio, there is yet another event happening in Salvador from August 7-12. This one is hosted by Mestre Jogo de Dentro and his Grupo Semente de Jogo de Angola.

Here’s the flyer:

4th International Capoeira Angola Meeting
Mestre Jogo de Dentro
Rua José Alves Ferreira, 160 Bairro de Garcia

Mestre Jogo de Dentro was out of Bahia for twelve years, developing his capoeira work all around the world. Now he’s back to Salvador where he founded his group “Semento do Jogo de Angola”. The 4th International Capoeira Angola Meeting aims to keep and strengthen the work of the group by maintaining and recovering the basis and traditions of Capoeira Angola. The seeds keep developing São Paulo state (Campinas and São Paulo), Minas Gerais state (Santa Rita do Sapucaí and Juiz de Fora), and in Canada. The meeting of students and friends is also going to be a celebration of Mestre’s return to Bahia.


August 7
4:00 pm: Roda at Conceição Church

August 8
10:00 am: Instrument making class (berimbau & caxixi)
5:00 pm: Music class
7:00 pm: Roda

August 9
10:00 am: Capoeira Angola movement class, Mestre Jogo de Dentro
2:00 pm: Maculele class
4:30 pm: African Dance class
7:00 pm: Roda

August 10
9:00 am: Capoeira Angola movement class
2:00 pm: Capoeira Angola movement class
4:00 pm: Capoeira Angola movement class
7:00 pm: Lecture, “Capoeira Angola and the New Generation”

August 11
9:00 am: Capoeira Angola movement class
11:00 am: Samba de Roda class
2:00 pm: Trip to Ilha de Coroa
7:00 pm: Roda on Ilha de Coroa

August 12
11:00 am: Closing Roda with traditional feijoada
5:00 pm: Return to Salvador

All program + t-shirt + certificate R$400.00
Single class R$60.00

More information
55-19-97153254 (mobile)
55-71-87277127 (mobile)
e-mail: jogodedentro@bol.com.br

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