Easy Ways to Help an Important Mestre

Now’s the time to walk the walk, folks.

Here’s a message from Mestre Lua Rasta in regard to Mestre Bigodinho in Salvador.

He gives some easy suggestions that every group can take to help. If we all give, we can make a big difference!

Keep in mind that euros, dollars, and yen go far in Brazil.

Oi galera,

Mestre Bigodinho is recovering from a fracture in his leg and it is hard for him to get around, and consequently, work.

So, we are asking everyone to pitch in and help.

If everyone who understands the importance of Mestre could do a little, I believe that we can ease this difficult time for him.

The following actions would be a lot of help:

- A fund-raising event at your space (roda, workshop, film screening, party, feijoada) to support Mestre.
- Buy a Mestre Waldemar cd (a single one or an entire box!) from Teimosia who has proposed that the proceeds be donated to Mestre. Email requests to: cdmestrewaldemar (at) gmail (dot) com
- Buy the DVD "Tributo ao Mestre Bigodinho" from o Atelier de Mestre Lua Rasta. The proceeds from this will be donated to Mestre. E-mail requests to: atelierlua (at) hotmail (dot) com
- Visit Mestre because it’s no fun to feel lonely during a hard time. You can contact him by calling his daughter Joanice at: 55 71 3257 98 05 or 55 71 8854 56 80

Once again, we have reached a troubling situation in regard to capoeira mestres in Brazil. Through thousands of processes where rivers of money are spent on contracting professionals – that in many cases aren’t even capoeiristas – to “decide” the destiny of capoeira as a historic patrimony, our true patrimonies (the guardians of culture, as the intellectuals like to say) do not have support of the government in moments like this, that happen all the time.

It falls to us capoeiristas, the people who understand the path of a capoeira mestre , to resolve to, at the very least, lessen the suffering of someone who has dedicated his life to capoeira and who is now facing difficulties buying expensive prescription medicines, pay the bills and at the same time be cared for and fed with the dignity he serves.

For these and for others, we ask for your help. And don’t wait! É hora é hora.

If you can help, let us know!

Mestre Lua Rasta



Reminder about Mexico Event in November

hey everyone: just a reminder that the early registration for the November Mexico event closes on October 15 (Friday!).

Don't wait til the last minute!

For more information about the event, check out our original posting.

Compañer@s y amig@s,

La Fundación Internacional de Capoeira Angola - México (FICA-MX), tiene el placer de invitarlos al 6° Aniversario de la FICA-MX "Tres raíces, una cultura", que se llevará a cabo del día 3 al día 7 de noviembre de 2010, en las ciudades de México y Xalapa, Veracruz.

En este evento participarán Mestre Cobra Mansa (FICA-BA), Mestre Jurandir (FICA-BH), Contramestre Rogério Teber (FICA-MX), Treinel Beto (FICA-Chicago) y Treinel Daniel (FICA-Oakland).

El costo del evento es de $1500 en preventa (hasta el 15 de octubre) y de $1800 después de la fecha indicada.

Las primeras 20 personas que se inscriban al evento tendrán un lugar asegurado en el transporte México-Xalapa-México. Le pedimos a los interesados que se comuniquen con nosotros lo antes posible, los lugares son limitados.

Este será un gran momento para descubrir el universo de la Capoeira Angola, no duden en invitar a todos sus amig@s y familiares.
Esperamos contar con su presencia.


Curitiba, Brazil: 10 Years of ACAD!

Associação de Capoeira Angola Dobrada

Invites all to participate in
the celebration of 10 years of

ACAD Curitiba
November 11 – 15, 2010

Mestre Rogério - ACAD Germany
Mestre Índio - ACAD Italy
Contra-mestre Negão - ACAD Curitiba
Contra-mestre Alexandre -ACAD
Treinel Iran - ACAD BH

Invited Guests: Mestre Peixe -Cosmos RJ & Mestre Manoel - Ypiranga de Pastinha RJ

Location: ACAD Curitiba home, Rua Presidente Faria, 372, sobreloja, Centro

Cost: R$ 60,00
Single day R$ 25,00

contacts: (41) 9626-0713/ 8480-0201/ 3328-8969;
contramestrenegao (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) br


Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil: November Workshops

Workshop 2010
November 23 - 25

Free workshops!

Capoeira Angola workshops with Mestre Cobra Mansa e Contramestre Urubu
in homage of Mestre Pastinha

lectures, workshops, video screenings, bazaar, expositions, stretching, techniques, gingas, instruments, capoeira roda, and a show by Banda Leão do Norte

starting at 6 pm

Teatro Banzeiros
rua Jose do Patrocinio, 512
Centro Porto Velho