Film about the Work of Acanne

Announcing the release of Insurreição Ritmica (Rhythmic Insurrection), a film that includes the participation of Acanne:
Release date:

August 5
Teatro Vila Velha (Passeio Público – Campo Grande)
For the press and invited guests
7 pm

Screenings in the community- open to the public:

August 7
Didá, Pelourinho
7 pm

August 8
Associação de Capoeira Angola Navio Negreiro - Acanne (Largo 2 de Julho);
7 pm

August 9
Bejé Eró (Vila Viver Melhor / Ogunjá)
7 pm

August 10
Centro Cultural de Plataforma (Praça São Brás, Plataforma – Subúrbio Ferroviário)
6 pm

August 11
Circo Picolino (Pituaçu)
7 pm
For more information, check out their website: www.insurreicaoritmica.org
Press Coordinator: André Santana (DRTBA 2226)
Tel: (71) 9106-1512 / 8873-7047

Citizenship through Afro-Brazilian Art

A documentary that explores the actions of social organizations in Bahia that utilize Afro-Brazilian arts in the education of youth and children.


São Paulo: Workshops with M Janja





Open workshop

Capoeirista and interested folks

Saturday and Sunday
August 2 & 3, 2 pm

Grupo Nzinga de Capoeira Angola
Rua Cariris, 13
Travessa da Cardeal Arcoverde
Pinheiros - São Paulo

weekend, R$30
single class, R$20


News about the FICA Conference in September

A message about the annual FICA international conference that will be held in Chicago this year:

there have been a few changes to our conference list of guests:

- unfortunately m. bigo won't be joining us this time around due to the burocracy of obtaining a visa to come to the united states. we hope to have him around in the near future.

- on the other hand, we are very excited to share the new and BIG announcement: that M. VIRGILIO from Ilheus will be making his first visit to the united states and will be joining us for our encounter. As if that is not enough, none other than M. JOAO GRANDE will also be making his first appearance at a FICA conference since 1998. This will be the FIRST time these two mestres from the old school generation will meet outside brasil!!

so we are very blessed that we can add these two great mestres to our already great line up of guests and we hope all of you can join us to experience what will be the biggest capoeira angola encounter in the midwest ever!

please let us know if you have any questions and be sure to check our site for information and registration.


t. beto
fica chicago

**Don't forget to register for the conference before August 1!**

For the full schedule of events & registration information, click here.


Capoeira is (Officially) a Cultural Patrimony

It is something that capoeiristas have known all along, and now, after centuries, the Brazilian government agrees: capoeira is an important cultural and artistic patrimony of Brazil.

On July 15, Iphan (O Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional, The National Institute of Historic and Artistic Patrimony) voted to register capoeira as an official cultural patrimony of Brazil in the Palácio Rio Branco. As the vote was taken inside, hundreds of capoeiristas played in Angola and Regional rodas in the square outside of the building.

Click on the link below to read the whole article (in Portuguese), published in the magazine História, and to watch some videos of the FICA-Bahia/ Grupo Nzinga roda, as well as interviews with Mestres, including Mestre Janja and Mestre Russo.

Here is a little bit of the article translated for your enjoyment:
Mestres on all sides. Each one is a celebrity, not instantly, but created over the course of decades of experience and dedication.

Consecrated by the people for their knowledge- expressed through movement, music, words or in a look- the cultural mission of capoeira mestres in the world has now been officially recognized by the Brazilian government.

July 15, 2008 is the historic date. On this day, united in the Palácio Rio Branco, in Salvador, in a ritual more formal than their irreverent rodas, dozens of mestres from all over Brazil testified as to why capoeira should be registered as an immaterial cultural patrimony of Brazil by the National Institute of Historic and Artistic Patrimony (O Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional, Iphan)

Members of the Consultative Council of the Cultural Patrimony of Iphan voted on the registration, in the presence of the Interim Minister of Culture, Juca Ferreria; the governor of Bahia, Jacques Warner; and the President of Iphan, Luiz Fernando de Almeida, among other authorities.

Outside, in the Praça Tomé de Sousa, in the Cidade Alta, rodas hummed on all sides. Between the zum-zum-zum and the isquidim-dom-dom, hundreds of capoeiristas mingled in a atmosphere of peace and mutual respect. The old guard showed that youth is a state of the spirit, while the younger generation already showed its malandragem.

Click here to read the whole article (in Portuguese) and watch some great videos.

Thanks to T Gege for the link.


São Paulo: Dancing with the Orixás

of the nkises, orixás & voduns

classes led by Tata Mutá Imê

Tata-de-Nikisi da Casa dos Olhos de Tempo
Nação Angolão Paquetan – Salvador, Bahia

For researchers, professional dancers, and people interested in stregthening their vital energy and working with their physical, spiritual and mental equilibrium through dance.

July 29 & 31 (Tuesday & Thursday)
From 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Grupo N’Zinga de Capoeira Angola- São Paulo
Rua dos Cariris #13, Pinheiros
phone: 8937-3396

contributions: both classes, R$30,00 – single class R$20,00


Annual FICA Conference: Program & Reminder


the deadline for the discounted price for the conference is AUGUST 01. you must submit payment via paypal up until july 31st or a letter post marked to the same date with your check or money order to make the deadline.

let me know if you have any questions.

t. beto
fica chicago
info (at) quilombocenter (dot) org

FICA XIV International Capoeira Angola Conference
September 4th-7th, 2008
Camp Lawrence, Valparasio, Indiana

Mestres Attending: Mestre Valmir, Mestre Jurandir, Mestre Cobra Mansa, Mestre Manoel, Mestre Bigo and Contramestre Alcione

Thursday, 9/4
6:00 - 7:30pm : Opening Ceremony
7:30 - 9:30pm : Opening Roda
10:30pm : Bus leaves for Camp Lawrence

Friday, 9/5
7:00 - 8:30am : Breakfast
9:00 - 11:00am : Class
11:00 - 12:30pm : Roda
12:30 - 2:00pm : Lunch
2:00 - 3:00pm : Break
3:00 - 5:00pm : Class
5:00 - 7:00pm : Meeting/lecture
7:00 - 8:30pm : Dinner
7:00 - 11:00pm : Roda

Saturday 9/6
7:00 - 8:30am : Breakfast
9:00 - 11:00am : Class
11:00 - 12:30pm : Roda
12:30 - 2:00pm : Lunch
2:00 - 3:00pm : Break
3:00 - 5:00pm : Class
5:00 - 7:00pm : Meeting/lecture
7:00 - 8:30pm : Dinner
9:00pm: Party "10 years of Fica Chicago"

Sunday, 9/7
7:00 - 8:30am : Breakfast
9:00 - 11:00am: Class
11:30 - 1:00pm : Lunch
12:30pm : 1st bus leaves for Chicago
1:30 - 4:00pm : Closing roda
6:00pm : Last bus leaves for Chicago

FICA members
Before/On August 1st: $130
August 1st and after: $150
Single Day Only: $80

Non-FICA members
Before/On August 1st: $140
August 1st and after: $160
Single Day Only: $90

Registration & Payment
Please send an email to info (at) quilombocenter (dot) org, with the following information:

Capoeira group affiliation
# of years training Capoeira Angola
nights for which you will need accommodation
food preference (vegetarian or not)
whether you will need transportation between Chicago and Camp Lawrence
payment method (paypal, check, cash)


Registration and payment must be received prior to or on August 1st to receive the early registration discount. Payment can be made in advance by Paypal (www.paypal.com), check, or money order. Do not send cash by mail! Checks and money orders can be made out to ICAF Chicago and sent to our address (see bottom of this page). *Paypal requires an account to use. Paypal payments should be made to our email address, info (at) quilombocenter (dot) org

Registration fee covers conference fee, housing (Thursday night through Sunday afternoon), food (Friday breakfast through Sunday breakfast), and transportation to/from Chicago and Camp Lawrence.

Getting There
FICA Chicago will provide transportation to and from Chicago. You must indicate in your registration email if you will need this transportation..

FROM INTERSTATE 80/90 (THE INDIANA TOLL ROAD): In either direction, exit the Chesterton/Valparaiso exit and turn right on U.S. Hwy. 49 south. Approximately one mile, exit the Westville exit of US Hwy. 6, turn left at stoplight. At the next light, (Calumet Ave) turn right. The road will crest a bridge (over Hwy. 49) approximately two miles later. At the bottom of the hill, County Road 700 North is on the right. Turn right at that street. Camp is approximately two miles on the left.

FROM INTERSTATE 94: In either direction, exit the Chesterton/Valparaiso exit on U.S. Hwy. 49 south. After passing the exit for the In. Toll Road, approximately one mile, exit the Westville exit of US Hwy. 6, turn left at stoplight. At the next light, (Calumet Ave) turn right. The road will crest a bridge (over Hwy. 49) approximately two miles later. At the bottom of the hill, County Road 700 North is on the right. Turn right at that street. Camp is approximately two miles on the left.

What To Bring
In addition to the basics (clothing, capoeira stuff, etc) you'll want to bring bedding (sleeping bag or sheets), swim suit, towel. More details to follow. Send an email if you have specific questions.

Selling Merchandise
If you are interested in selling merchandise at the conference please let us know in advance. Individuals without advance permission from FICA Chicago will not be allowed to sell merchandise (t-shirts, CDs, etc.).


Belo Horizonte, 1964: M Pastinha is in Town

Here is a 1964 announcement from O Diário newspaper of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.
Capoeira Que É Bom Não Cai

Capoeira has already arrived

The Night of International Folklore begins tomorrow. The night was Dom Serafim’s good idea. Mestre Pastinha, king of the capoeiristas of Bahia de Todos os Santos, is already in the city with his group of capoeiras. Mestre Pastinha will do presentations on the 19th, 20th and 21st of this month, at 7:00 pm in the gymnasium of the Minas Tênis Clube. And the money raised will be used towards the construction of a new building at the Catholic University of Minas Gerais, which will be celebrating its anniversary this month.


Movement Theory: Weight in Capoeira

Monalisa, who trains in Boston and used to train in DC, sent us this piece from an article entitled, "Weight: The First Motion Factor". Written by Edward Luna, a researcher who studies dance as well as capoeira, the piece discusses three qualities of weight, resiliency, strength, and lightness, and examines each in relation to the game of Capoeira Angola. He also talks about their applications in Capoeira Regional and how the use of weight by their practioners distinguish the two types of capoeira.
In the more traditional style of capoeira angola, movers frequently appear to use a kind of elastic resiliency to surprise their opponents. This appearance of bounciness, where the weight is constantly shifting, is deceptive not only for the opponent, but also for the academic observer.

A key concept in capoeira, malícia (or "treachery"), helps us understand this deception. Use of passive/elastic weight is a common feature of many African-American dances. In capoeira, this translates to a loose, resilient, and flexible bodily attitude that is nevertheless rooted to the earth, weighted and fully aware of where its weight is. Without that awareness, a capoeira angola player would easily be tripped. In other words, the body is oriented to the vertical axis, always "under itself," even when low to the ground, or inverted, with hands on the ground.

Read the whole article here (scroll about halfway down to get to the capoeira discussion).

Thanks, M.

Find something interesting that you would like to share with the capoeira community? Send it to: ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com, and we'll post it.


September Capoeira Event in Hamburg

Centro Cultural Alabê
& Mestre Robson Bocão


The 5th International Capoeira Meeting
“Amigos do Alabê”
Grande Pequeno Sou Eu

Hamburg, Germany
September 19 to 21

September 19, Opening Roda, 5:00 pm
September 20 & 21, 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Special Guest
Mestre Raimundo Dias
padrinho de Mestre Robson Bocão

with Mestre Sapo
Olinda, Brasil

See the flyer for a complete list of invited guests.

€80 til 9-9-2008
€100 after 9-9-2008

Kieler Strasse 368 A
22525 Hamburg
Tel: 49 40 41 35 07 53

Thanks to T Pirulito for the flyer.

August Capoeira Event in Manchester, UK

An upcoming event in the UK:

ACCA presents…

in collaboration with Capoeira Youth and Generate Generation projects- the first ever Capoeria Angola Encounter in Manchester, UK.

AUGUST 14 – 17, 2008
Zion Arts Center (Thurs-Fri), Youth Centre, Old Trafford (Sat-Sun)
More details for the event on our website.

Capoeira and music classes for adults and kids
Performance at Caribbean carnival
Berimbau orchestra
Photo exhibit
African dance with AfroCats
Bbq & party
.. and more Capoeira!

Special Guest… Mestre Boca do Rio, Salvador, Brazil
Contramestre Rene, BH, Brazil
Mestre Leo, BH, Brazil
Professor William, Manchester, UK
Professor Kenneth, Vienna, Austria
Contramestre Pernalonga, Bremen, Germany
Mestre Carlão, Rio/ London

William Sousa
info (at) acca-manchester (dot) org (dot) uk
* 44 0 79793 63845
Looks great. Check out the full schedule of events.


Capoeira Workshops in Costa Rica

4th Capoeira Angola Encounter
Mestre Cobra Mansa & Treinel Gege

12th - 15th, Capoeira Classes
16th, Lecture: Kilombos, Past & Present

For more information, go to the website, or email: ficacr (at) gmail (dot) com
or call: 506-88934-859 or 88721-973

Literary Edition: The Saddest Day of My Life

This piece was written in honor of Mestre Lua Rasta by his student Leiteiro:

The Saddest Day of My Life

The other day I was reading the story of Grande/Pequeno Mestre Pastinha when I came across the phrase: The Secret of Capoeira Dies With Me!

I could not believe it, the size of one’s ego is not predicated on their title of Grande Mestre! Uncomfortable with this, I searched for what this secret might be. And so, days, months, years passed until da-da-da: I discovered the secret of capoeira!
Unbelievably, it was right in front of me, beside me, behind me, and I did not notice it, immense, crystallized; perhaps it was there all these years, covered by a magician’s small handkerchief that was lifted, by some divine grace. What happiness, what joy, I understood everything, I understood the phrase of the old mestre and his fear at the blindness of his students to see what he showed them every day.

The secret of capoeira!

I ran to my friend’s house to announce the good news: Araúana, you are not going to believe it, but I discovered the secret of capoeira!

What? Ha hahahahhahaha.

I’m telling you, man, its serious.

Whoa, Leiteiro, you want to make me die laughing? Hahhahahaha.

You don’t believe in me anymore, man?

Tell me, then, what the secret is.

This is what I was waiting for, the moment to share my glory.

Ah, the secret, the secret is… the secret? (omg, help me) well, like I was saying, the secret…

Yes, yes, the secret hahahahahaha.

There was no doubt that I had forgotten the secret of capoeira. I left with my head hanging down, my ears red with embarrassment, my heart boiling with powerless hate for that laugh that echoed through my mind. With each step taken, each corner rounded, those “ha ha ha”s echoed in my head and crept down my spine, weakening my legs, slowing my steps, lengthening the distance between our houses. I ran like I had never run before and dived into bed. Nothing like time to heal the wounds.

But cornstarch one day becomes mingau, and suddenly, like a ray of light shining again:

The secret of capoeira!

Moments of euphoria were followed by moments of reflection, I could not act like a little troublemaker who got a new toy again, the situation required self-control, I tried to repeat to myself a few times the secret until I was sure that I was not going to forget it and I went to Araúana’s house, not like a fool with a bejeweled ring, but more like a professor that has come to teach a student who knows it all that he really knows nothing!

I knocked, the door opened, and our eyes met.

What brings you here, Leiteiro?

You are not going to believe me, but I came because I have nothing to do, I told him in a weary voice. It was confirmed, there were no longer any doubts:

The secret of capoeira is not to be told, but to be seen in capoeira rodas, to be heard in the sounds of the instruments and the songs, and it was this that the old Mestre Pastinha was doing in his games and songs.

What I do playing around, you can’t even do with anger
and your students don’t notice or understand.

I couldn’t hide my tears as I said: Araúna, today is the saddest day of my life!

Now I know with certainty: The secret of capoeira dies with me! Believe if you will, my dear reader, I discovered the secret of capoeira but if you are like Saint Thomas I'll give you a hint: Capoeira is that which does not appear and appears to be that which it is not.

Speaking of this, capoeira would be a small net whose knots are its secrets. When one knot tears (read: it is forgotten or undone) the new mestres must rush to fix it.

Let us fix it for the old mestres, connoisseurs of the art form, the pasting will be invisible, preserving the knowledge in the work! Yet despite our egoism, rush, and imperfection, we continue to fill our net and capoeira, will soon become worthless and we will have to throw it out. On this day, the whole nation, the world and even god will cry, because he separated the earth and the sea it was in that moment that capoeira came forth.

In honor of the old mestres whoe gave us freely that which we sell at any price.

Thanks to my professor Lua Rasta. Many thanks for teaching me to like and love capoeira and for presenting it in the streets, squares, schools, and theaters without the current preoccupation with teaching capoeira only as a class to make mestres.

Text by Renato Palmas Azevedo, o Leiteiro!

Do you have something to share? Send it to: ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com


Capoeira Angola Classes in Sweden

Capoeira news from Sweden:
Welcome to the Fundação Internacional Capoeira Angola - Sweden
EVERY SATURDAY in the Museum of Ethnography/ Stockholm, 2:30 pm, class & roda
Come play with kids!
Mondays & Wednesdays 7:00 pm Blå Huset/ Tensta
Everyday 3:00 pm Nydalsparken/Tensta
A new schedule will begin on August 18

Come vadiar with Mestre Camaleão of Rio de Janeiro
July 10 - 15, Stockholm
Senzala Sweden

Capoeira in Japan (some pictures)

Pics from a roda in Japan with Mestre Cobra Mansa and other guests.

Clique aqui para ver todas as fotos.

Thanks to M Cobra Mansa e Rahiem pelas fotos.


Capoeira Event in Veracruz, Mexico

Capoeira Xalapa
10th Anniversary

July 15 - 20
with special participation by Mestre Cobra Mansa
Centro Cultural Los Lagos

Information: 2281 31 68 28
or email: tophersuarez (at) hotmail (dot) com
or visit their website.


"I'm the little animals!": Mestre Pastinha & Pedro Porreta

One more (last one!) story from Mestre Bola Sete’s book, A Capoeira Angola na Bahia. This one tells the story of Mestre Pastinha, who is Mestre Bola Sete’s teacher, and Pedro Celestino dos Santos, a.k.a. Pedro Porreta, one of the most famous valentões in Salvador of the first half of the twentieth century.

Mestre Pastinha came face-to-face with the dangerous capoeirista Pedro Porreta, who was well-known in Bahia for his aggressive manner and for the innumerable troubles he caused, causing him to confront the famous Chief of the Police Squadron, Pedro Azevedo Gordilho, better known as “Pedrito”. From then on, he was continuously persecuted by the squadron, who were never able to catch him.

It all started when Pedro Porreta went to live in a hut close to the Rua das Laranjeiras, where Mestre Pastinha owned a small market stall. There was a misunderstanding between the two, that turned into a violent fight, that after many blows from both sides, ended in a victory for Mestre Pastinha. He considered it his most difficult fight. “A good boy,” Mestre told me when I asked him about the capacity of his adversary in the street fight.

Mestre Pastinha had gone to the fair to buy bananas, leaving his wife in charge of the stall, when Pedro Porreta, who did not know that the stand belonged to Mestre Pastinha, arrived. Upon entering, he asked for a half dozen bananas.

- We don’t have any, my husband went to get some just now at the fair, responded the mestre’s wife.

Pedro Porreta was about to leave when he spied four bananas on top of the counter, and he turned and inquired:

- And those four bananas over there, who do they belong to?

- Those are for the little animals! said the mestre’s wife, pointing to a cage with two birds.

Pedro Porreta stepped forward, grabbed the bananas and left, saying:

- I am the little animals!

Upon returning from the fair, Mestre Pastinha entered the stall and put the basket of bananas on the floor. His wife told him what had happened. When she finished the story, the mestre left immediately to find the stranger. As he walked into the street, he met his friend who had seen everything and revealed the identity and the address of the individual. The mestre thanked him and proceeded to the house of Pedro Porreta, meeting him at the door.

Pedro Porreta did not suspect that Mestre Pastinha was the owner of the stall, and greeted him nicely, “How goes it, mestre? What would you like?” Upon learning that Mestre Pastinha was the owner of the stall and that he had come looking for an explanation as to what had transpired, Pedro Porreta opened the door, let loose a laugh, and pointed at the bananas cooking in a pan. Mestre Pastinha, noting Pedro Porreta’s mocking expression, turned to him and said, “Pedro, I am taking these bananas, if only because you invaded my stall in my absence and made fun of my wife.”

Upon hearing this, Pedro Porreta ran out into the middle of the street and challenged Mestre Pastinha to a fight.

Mestre Pastinha accepted the challenge and the fight went on for a few minutes, as no bystanders had the courage to separate them. The fight only ended with a violent cabeçada by Mestre Pastinha that threw Pedro Porreta far out onto the street. At this moment, a man who lived nearby came up and after asking about the fight, offered to pay the cost of the bananas provided that the two ended the dispute. Mestre Pastinha did not accept the man’s money, telling him, “My friend, I appreciate your kindness, but my argument with Pedro was not over the cost of the four bananas, but the way in which he handled the situation.” Saying this, he retired to his stall. Pedro Porreta moved out of his hut the next day.

Mestre Bola Sete's book has even more stories that regale the reader with the adventures of Mestre Pastinha (in Portuguese). You will really enjoy reading them all, and its a great book to include in your group's archives.

In the future, we'll be posting more about the famous Pedro Porreta.

July 2008 Capoeira Angola Calendar Round-Up

Here's what we have marked on our calendar. If your event is missing, just send along the information to ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com, and we will include it on the blog and calendar.

3, Opening Event, Capoeira Exhibit at Caixa Cultural - Salvador, Bahia
4 - 6, African Encounter – Mozambique
4 - 6, Workshops with M Manoel & Cm Dirceu - Madrid, Spain
5, Lectures, Capoeira Exhibit at Caixa Cultural - Salvador, Bahia
11 – 13, Grupo Estrela do Norte Event – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
16 - 20, Annual Encounter, Filhos de Angola - Brighton, UK
18 - 23, Capoeira Angola Summer Project - Zingst, Germany
19, Deadline for submissions to Caxixi Magazine
20, Artscape Roda - Baltimore, USA
23 - 27, Event with Cabello & Tisza - Ilheus, Brasil
24 - 27, Capoeira Summer Camp - Zingst, Germany
24 – August 4, Jogo de Dentro Encounter – Salvador & Capão
25 - 27, Camping Trip (contact FICA-Bmore) - Pennsylvania, USA
25 - 27, Permangola Meeting - Valenca, Bahia, Brazil

8 - 12, Workshops with M Rosalvo & Cm Susy - Corsano, Lecce, Italy
14 - 17, Workshops with M Boca do Rio, Carlao, Leo & guests - Manchester, UK

4 – 7, FICA International Encounter – Chicago, USA
12 - 17, Workshops with M Cobra Mansa & T Gege - Costa Rica

Mestre Pastinha / Zumbi Weekend - Seattle, USA

keep it real.


Mozambique: 4th African Encounter

There's still time to participate in the 4th Annual Capoeira Angola Encounter in Mozambique...

IV Annual African Capoeira Angola Conference
Dear Friends,

Welcome to Mozambique!!!

It´s with honor and pleasure that we announce the IV African Capoeira Angola Conference - Inhaca 2008.

This year the theme is: "Mestre Pastinha, uma vida pela Capoeira."

To present this respectfully theme we have invited 1 big name of the Capoeira Angola scene, Mestre Jurandir, a member of old school of GCAP (Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho, Mestre Moraes and João Grande's Student) actual President and Founder of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation ICAF.

This year, the lesson schedule has a new propose, which gives more time to movements lessons and video, images, photos and many materials of mestre Pastinha will be shown in event as the theme is about him.

As the place has got many objections but also it represents an intention of our group to make it traditional, this time we have 3 marvelous days in Maputo, between the Centro de Estudos Brasileiros and the Beautiful and magic (for many) Island of Inhaca, obeying the following schedule:

Friday, 4th of July of 2008
Local: Centro de Estudos Brasileiros CEB
10 - 13 H: Registering
14 - 17 H: Palestra/Vídeo/Photo show [theme: Mestre Pastinha: Uma vida pela Capoeira]
19 – 21H: Cocktail + Opening Roda]

Saturday, 5th of July of 2008
7 H: Departure to the Inhaca Island
10 H: Arriving and check in Inhaca
12 H: Lunch
14 – 18 H: movement lesson
18:30 H: Dinner
20 H: Roda

Sunday, 6th of July of 2008
Centro de estudos Brasileiros CEB
7 H: Breakfast
8 H: movement lesson
10 - 12 H: Closing Roda
13 H: Lunch
14:30 H: Departure from the Island;
17 H: Closing Ceremony at CEB;

As we still learning with time and experience, we have improved the menu having this time a very rich menu for those who have are vegetarian, combining it with delicious native cooking style, in charge by a specialist of this cooking type.

The boat trip will happen in Saturday morning, after the opening Roda, to ensure that everybody is on board and reduce the risk of boat missing for those who have to make long trips within weekdays.

For help more details about the event, contact:

FICA Moçambique

Rua João de Barros, 112 - Sommerschield
Maputo - Moçambique
Celular: +258 82 7606820 or +258 82 7298950
E-mail: isaac.mandlate@gmail.com

Web: www.fotolog.com/ficamz

We advise you to make the registration in your group table!

Yours Faithfully!

Isaac Mandlate
ICAF - Moçambique leader

Have fun.