Event with Mestre Lua de Bobó

This was sent out from the Capoeira: Jogo Atlético Brasileiro blog, and we pass it into you all (and I could not resist the picture):

O Grupo de Capoeira Angola Menino de Arembepe Mestre Lua de Bobó - Bahia invites all of the capoeira community to the III Encounter of the Caraguatatuba/SP-Brasil group.

When: August 17-19
Where: Caraguatatuba/SP-Brasil
Invited Mestres: Mestre Lua de Bobó, Mestre Pelé da Bomba e Mestre Valtinho da Senzala.
Cost: R$30

Capoeira workshops & rodas, samba de roda, photo exhibit, and partying down at the beach, with mestres and students from all over Brazil.

Free housing for those first to register. Transportation will be provided for the workshops and parties.

For more information, call: 55 (12) 3884 5032 – (12) 9748 3815
Sergio Jorge Burihan - Contramestre Serginho. serginhoprof|arroba|hotmail.com

“Without your presence it will be impossible to reach the desired brilliance.”

See, you gotta go…

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