7th Annual Event in Los Angeles

Announcement from the Capoeira Angola Center Los Angeles:

The Seventh Annual Capoeira Angola Conference Los Angeles, Let the Circle Be Unbroken, will be held October 5-8, 2007. Gracing the Conference will their knowledge and skill will be:

Mestre Moraes, Grupo Capoeira Angola Pelourinho (GCAP) - Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
Mestre Jogo de Dentro, Grupo de Capoeira Semente do Jogo de Angola - São Paulo, SP, Brasil
Mestre Lua de Bobó, Grupo o e Capoeira Angola de Menino de Arembepe - Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

As always, we will providing food for the body, mind and spirit. Capoeira Angola is an ancient martial art used by Africans in Brazil to resist slavery and white supremacy. Outlawed by the ruling class, it has spread throughout the world in various forms since it was finally "legalized" in Brazil in 1932. Capoeira Angola upholds the traditions of African culture and resistance to oppression.

We will also holding the Third Annual Capoeira Angola Youth Camp, free for those under 18 years of age. Youth movement and music classes will instructed by the Mestres and others. Each youth will be provided with a special t-shirt and lunch.

Check here in the future for updates.

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