Chicago, USA: Workshops with M Valmir

Workshops with M. Valmir

Monday (Nov 30). Tuesday (Dec 1). Wednesday (Dec 2). Thursday (Dec 3).

at 1757 N. Kimball Ave.
Chicago 60647

$20 per class
$60 for all 4 classes.

for more information:
call 773.227.8879
email: info (at) quilombocenter (com) org


São Paulo, Brazil: Workshops with M Angolinha

Mestre Angolinha
Oficina Aberta

for capoeiristas and other interested folks
Grupo Nzinga de Capoeira Angola

Saturday, November 28 at 2:30 pm
Sunday, November 29 at 9:30 am

R$20 for a single day
R$30 for both days

Rua dos Carris, 13
Travessa da Cardeal Arcoverde
8937 - 3398


NYC, Philly & DC: M Valmir's East Coast Tour

Get your recommended dose of Bahian axé (and probably a whole bunch of rasteiras and cabeçadas to boost your immune system) this winter.

Mestre Valmir of FICA-Bahia is in the United States and will be traveling around, visiting various schools, giving workshops and leading rodas.

M Valmir will preside at rodas to be held in the following cities at the following times on the following dates:

November 29
noon - 3 pm
six harmonies martial arts
232 7th av (between 23rd & 24th)

December 12
noon - 4 pm
MLK Recreation Center
22nd and Cecil B. Moore Av

December 13
9 am - noon  
733 Euclid St, NW
Washington, DC



Remembering M Pastinha on November 13

Mestre Pastinha passed away on this day (November 13) in 1981 in the city of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Let us remember him and celebrate his memory today - and every day - in our rodas and trainings all over the world. He lived his life to preserve what we enjoy today.

Here is a little memory of Pastinha, written by his great friend, the famous Bahian author, Jorge Amado. This comes from Amado's Bahia de Todos os Santos, a unique tour book of the city of Salvador that was published in 1941. Enjoy!
Mestre Vincente Pastinha is more than seventy years old. He is a small light-skinned man, of frightening agility, and uncommon strength. When he begins to “play”, everyone watching thinks, that poor old man with frizzy white hair will fall down in two minutes, knocked over by a young adversary or lack of his own breath. But, oh! There is much more to him than meets the eye! None of this happens. The adversaries come, one after the other, one young man, then another, then another, students or friends of Pastinha, and he beats them all and never tires, he never loses his breath, not even when he dances the “samba of Angola”.

The Escola de Capoeira Angola of Mestre Pastinha, is located on the ladeira do Pelourinho, in the square, on the first floor. From Thursday to Sunday they “play” in the school. But usually on Thursdays, the game is weaker, it is the new students who are training. On Sunday, the well-known capoeiristas come and the party starts in the afternoon.

If you visit Bahia, you should not miss the extraordinary show that is Mestre Pastinha playing capoeira to the sounds of the berimbau in the center of his school. And when he is not playing, he does not rest. He takes a berimbau and leads the singing. For me, Pastinha is one of the important figures of popular life in Bahia. It is imperative to meet him, to talk to him, to listen to his stories, and above all, to see him “playing”, confronting young and vigorous adversaries and knocking them down one by one…

… we should talk about the School of Waldemar, on the Liberdade Highway, where, beyond meeting the mestre of the school, you will meet Traia, a thin, quiet caboclo, made of muscle, a great mestre of capoeira. To watch him play is truly an aesthetic pleasure. He looks like a dancer and only Pastinha himself can compete with him in the beauty of his movement, in agility, in the speed of his blows. When Traia cannot be found at Waldemar’s school, he is nearby at the School of Sete Molas, also in Liberdade. At these schools, the visitor can acquire lovely berimbaus, helping in the development of our national fight…

… But oh! I hope that you never get into a fight with one of these capoeiristas, because however strong you may be, I would not bet on you to win because I am certain that in one minute you would be laid out on the floor, at the disposition of a shining razor blade…

You may however become friends with either one of these and watch a presentation. These capoeiristas are very fine people…

Ie! Viva Pastinha!


Padova, Italy: December Workshops

l'associazione capoeira angola pernambuco
Capoeira workshops in Padova, Italy
December 5 – 6
with the presence of Contramestre Gato Preto and Professor Zequinha
capoeirapadova (at) gmail (dot) com
please confirm your presence at least one week before the event

staff associazione capoeira angola pernambuco

professor zequinha
+39 338 80 00 353
+39 349 87 43 945


l'associazione capoeira angola pernambuco organizza
stage capoeira a Padova
5-6 dicembre 2009
con la presenza : contramestre Gato Preto
e professor Zequinha
capoeirapadova (arroba) gmail (ponto) com
si prega la conferma almeno una settimana prima

professor zequinha
+39 338 80 00 353
+39 349 87 43 945

Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil: Roda in Honor of M Pastinha

A note from Olinda, Pernambuco:

Grupo São Bento Pequeno

Roda de Capoeira Angola
in honor of
Mestre Pastinha

Beco do Bajado
Olinda, Pernambuco

friday, 7 pm

Professor Baixinho: 81 9696 7194


Have fun!                    


Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil: Peace Roda with M Virgílio

The Association Capoeira Angola Mucumbo (A Associação de Capoeira Angola Mucumbo, A.C.A.M) invites all to attend its 8th Encounter of Capoeira Angola – Peace Roda 2009.

The Peace Roda is an event organized by Mestre Virgílio de Ilhéus and has already become an important tradition of Capoeira Angola in the city Ilhéus. This year on November 5 and 6 the event will include Capoeira Angola workshops with Mestres: Jogo de Dentro (Grupo Semente do Jogo de Angola – BA), Plínio (Angoleiro Sim Sinhô – SP) and Bel (Malungo Centro de Capoeira Angola – BA) – as well as open rodas in Olivença Square and the Ilhéus Cathedral Square.

For Mestre Virgílio, the Peace Roda is a symbol of union, reflection and thankfulness. “It will be a great moment for the Capoeira Angola community in Ilhéus.”

Schedule (attention: space is limited!)
Saturday, 12/05
8 – 10 am, Registration
10 am – noon, Movement Workshop
noon – 3 pm, Break
3 – 5 pm, Movement Workshop
7 pm, Roda - Olivença Square

Sunday, 12/06
10 am – noon, Movement Workshop
7 pm, Peace Roda 2009 - Ilhéus Cathedral Square

single workshop = R$20,00
two workshops = R$30,00
three workshops = R$45,00 + an event t-shirt

For more information, visit the website
or contact: capoeiramucumbo (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) br

Thanks to Paulo for the information.


Ilha de Itaparica, Brasil: Angoleiros da Mar Event in January

A note from Angoleiros do Mar:

Yeahhhhhh capoeiristas de todo mundo ..

Capoeiragem na Ilha de Itaparica
Angoleiros do Mar

January 15 – 17, 2009
Barra Grande, Ilha de Itaparica

R$80,00 - 3 days
R$60,00 - 2 days
R$40,00 - 1 day

Camping (Saturday & Sunday)

Invited Guests:
Marcelo Angola (Angoleiros do Mar)
Lua Rasta (Tribo da Lua)
Claudio (Angoleiros do Sertão)
Ivan (Santo Amaro)
Torito (Salvador)
Barteló (Angoleiros da Serra)

Luciano (Malta da Serra)

Sapoti (Bando Tupinambá)
Ricardo (Zimba)
Calça Furada e Oriquerê (Angoleiros do Sertão)
Adilson (Angoleiros da Serra)

Professores from the Angoleiros do Mar family:
Fubuia (França)
Mandela (Japão)
Daniel Cachaça (Minas Gerais)
Peixe frito
Grilo (Espanha)

And more invited guests.

Guaxini's website
Angoleiros do Mar website

New York City, USA: Kids Roda in December

FICA NY - Youth Roda
a special roda for youth and their families. all groups, all ages, all levels are more than welcome. you are especially invited.

FICA NY @six harmonies martial arts
232 7th av (between 23rd & 24th)
sunday, dec 6th

a short chat (bate papo) about the ritual and expectations of the roda along with some q&a, a couple hours of play and some snacks and post roda jams (of course) to round it all out.

i hope you'll all put this into your schedule. bring your kids, bring the neighbors kids and bring the best of your energy

feel free to call puck or myself with any questions...

njoli 551 574 0644
puck 917 971 7980

Also (posted earlier):

Mestre Jurandir
nov 16th @ 440 studios
440 lafayette (near astor pl)

nov 17th @ six harmonies martial arts
232 7th av (between 23rd & 24th)

Mestre Valmir
nov 23rd @ 440 studios
440 lafayette (near astor pl)

nov 24th @ six harmonies martial arts
232 7th av (between 23rd & 24th)

nov 29th @ six harmonies martial arts
232 7th av (between 23rd & 24th)

Thanks to Njoli for the information.

Lima, Peru: Going-Away Party, Roda & Feijoada

Capoeira Angola Workshops – Brazilian Party & Felijoada!
Going-away party for Treinel Leninho, who is going back to Brazil.

Saturday, Nov 7
José Galvez 588, Miraflores
contact: capoeira (dot) Angola (dot) peru (at) gmail (dot) com

5 pm: Capoeira Angola workshop
7 pm: roda!
8:30 pm: raffle with prizes. Surprise presentation & dance party with feijoada (Dj Boggito and DJ Pishtaco)

30 soles, workshop (includes a plate of feijoada)
8 soles, raffle (includes a plate of feijoada)
we’ll be selling beer & caipirinhas

Study Group

Taller de Capoeira Angola - Fiesta y rica Feijoada* Brasilera!
Como despedida a nuestro Treinel Leninho que vuelve a Brasil.

-. 5pm: taller intensivo de capoeira angola: movimientos, musica y fundamentos.
-. 7.00pm: roda de capoeira angola
-. 8.30 pm: sorteo (habran premios!) , Performace sorpresa y feijoada bailable (con DJ Boggito y DJ Pishtaco)

-Taller intensivo de capoieira angola y musica: 30 soles (incluye 1 plato de feijoada)
-Rifa: 8 soles (incluye 1 plato de feijoada)
-Se venderan chelas y caipirinhas.


Grupo de Estudio

Thanks to Fiorella for the information.


Oakland, California, USA: A Visit from M Cobra Mansa

Mestre Cobra Mansa will be in Oakland, California leading classes in late November.

Who: M Cobra Mansa
What: Capoeira Angola Classes
Where: FICA-Oakland space, 2513 Magnolia Street Oakland, CA 94607
Why: Because we like it
When: November 27 - 29

Contact: danielmattar12 (at) hotmail (dot) com or call: 510 684 4797

New York City, USA: Mid-November Events

Two separate mestre visits happening in New York City in mid-November. Have fun!

November 16 & 17
A rare opportunity to take advantage of a wealth of Capoeira Angola knowledge, history and practice. During this short visit to the states Mestre Jurandir will share his unique understanding through classes in music and movement

nov 16th @ 440 studios
440 lafayette (near astor pl)

nov 17th @ six harmonies martial arts

232 7th av (between 23rd&24th)

November 23 & 24

Mestre Valmir comes to visit us here in New York during one of his rare trips to the U.S. How lucky we are to have him with us here during the Thanksgiving holiday week. Through Salvador and beyond, Mestre Valmir is famed for his his musical ability, his grace, creativity and profundity. I hope you will all take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to connect with one of this period's great mestres of Capoeira Angola.

nov 23rd @ 440 studios

440 lafayette (near astor pl)

nov 24th @ six harmonies martial arts

232 7th av (between 23rd&24th)