Stockholm, Sweden: Women's Power Conference

Women's Power Conference
Capoeira Angola

5 – 8 of March 2010 in Stockholm

Contra Mestre Suzy, Grupo Vadiação/ Berlin
Carlinha, Grupo Capoeira Angola Mae/ Kolonia

Several female groupleaders(angola as regional) in Europe are invited to participate the event

classes – rodas – speeches – partie – videos

05.03-07.03 workshop
08.03 Roda de capoeira

Workshop fee 450 skr

Place to sleep will be arranged with registration before February 28.
Pay your fee before February 28 and get a meal Saturday night.

Lessons will be held at Tensta Hallen
Party will beat Bar Barsil Karneval Saturday night.

To participate in the workshop:
Paying in advanced 450 skr
Post giro 836 07 13-5, Fica - Stockholm
Register at ficasweden (at) yahoo (dot) se
Place to sleep will be arranged

how to get there.

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