New York City, USA: Youth Conference

FICA National Youth Conference
Youth in Action... Service Through Movement

Dates: June 12-13, 2010
Time: Saturday: 10am-5pm and Sunday: 10am-3pm

Venue: The Children’s Storefront
Location: 70 East 129th Street in New York City
(Between Park Ave and Madison Avenue)

Hosted by FICA – NY

Join us for a weekend of capoeira, music and dance workshops. Meet young people from around city and across the globe. Learn about leadership, have fun and give back to the community.
It is our great fortune to have both:

Aloan - FICA Bahia
Treinel Cris - ACANNE Bahia

Over the course of two days, we will have:

capoeira workshops
panel discussions led by local youth activists, themed - i.e. "how can we, as young people, actively serve our communities"
demonstrations & arts workshops, again led by local youths and youth workers
programs for all ages, 6-17
community service project
breakfasts & lunches provided
our intention in creating this event was to provide a forum for the youths of our communities to find and develop resources through which to focus their tremendous energies in positive ways.

space is limited, we will only be receiving 50 students in total so please register your kids early. the idea is "each one, teach one." hoping that our young ones, as ambassadors, will go back to their own groups with new knowledge and share it, inspiring their groups at home.

along with this, we very intentionally kept the cost to participants extremely low. the idea being that we hold something where parents weren't barred from sending there young ones based on financial barriers. as well, the event being one where the group chaperones would be active guides and facilitators during all of the programs.

i hope you all will feel free to give puck or myself a call if you have any questions, suggestions, requests or have any help to provide. in the meantime, gather your youths and look for registration forms coming to your group very soon

Early registration deadline: April 30, 2010
$15 per child / $10 per group leader

Late registration deadline: May 29, 2010 $18 per child / $10 per group leader

Walk In Registration $25 (weekend), $20 (day) per child / $15 per group leader

*Registration fee non-refundable after May 29, 2010

-njoli- #551 574 0644
-puck- #917 971 7980

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