Salvador, Brazil: Women's Event at Acanne

Associação de Capoeira Angola Navio Negreiro

Este gunga também é meu

Protected by the separation of genders, through the civil rights of the comtemporary woman, the stundents of ACANNE invote men and women to participate in “Estre gunga também é meu” concerning the presence of women in capoeira yesterday and today. We will hold a discussion reflecting on this subject as well as a samba de roda and a mesa de frutas at our quilombo from March 9 to 13, 2009 at 7 pm.

Once again, you are invited to join us!

Capoeira class with Treinel Cris and a discussion regarding gender

capoeira class with Ludmila Bitencourt and a discussion with Tia, a student of ACANNE

roda de capoeira angola

continuing through the month of March…

03/23, 25 & 27
Mestre Paulo dos Anjos: absent or present?

03/28 & 29
Encounter with Mestre Rene Bitencourt on the Ilha de Maré in the quilombo Okê Arô

All events are FREE.

address: Rua do Sodré, no.48, Dois de Julho
telephone: (71) 3321-7496 ou (71) 9146-5999

Thanks to Elina for the flyer.

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