Berlin, Germany: 2009 Filhos de Angola Encounter

The date and most current program of the 2009 Filhos de Angola Encounter in Berlin, Germany:

July 16 – 19

Mestre Laércio (GCFA, Berlin)
Mestre Roberval (GCFA, Salvador Bahia)
Mestre Augusto
Mestre Marcelo Angola (Angoleiros do Mar)
Mestre Rosalvo (Vadiação, Berlin)

Contra Mestre Pezao (GCFA, Barcelona)
Contra Mestre Gato Preto (GCFA, Salvador Bahia)
Contra Mestre Arroz (GCFA, Valência)

Afro- Brazilian dance, jongo & percussion

Special guests: Contra Mestre Renny e Professor Fubuia

Coordination: Mestre Laércio

More information will become available through the group’s website as the event approaches.

Enjoy! Looks like a great event.

Thanks to Kalle for the information.

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C said...

Hi everyone,

please note that the date dor this workshop is July 15 - 19. The registration and Openin Roda will be on the 15th of July at 6PM.

Hope to see many of you here in Berlin.
Christine, Filhos de Angola, Berlin