Introducing the Music of Dana Maman...

Dana Maman is a hugely talented capoeirista and musician who has just released a CD of capoeira music, available to download free of charge from her website.

Here's what her bio says (but I can tell you that beyond being a great all-around capoeirista, she is also a thoughtful, funny and genuine person. Play her in the roda if you get the chance. You'll have a blast.)

Dana Maman was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to immigrant parents of Moroccan and Persian decent. She started her involvement with music at the age of six with the violin, studying classical music and musicianship in the Catherin Luis Music Conservatory in Tel Aviv. Maman studied the violin for 13 years, traveling to England, Germany, and the Netherlands and participating in various youth orchestras and musical groups. At the same time as her formal violin training, Maman played percussion as well. During her late high-school years she began to learn more about Afro Brazilian beats due to her involvement with capoeira.

In 2001 she moved to Los Angeles and became part of Capoeira Batuque, furthering her studies of capoeira and percussion. Three years later, she became a part of Amen Santo’s Dance group Bale Folclorico do Brazil, with which she has toured and performed across California. In the past three years Maman has been playing West-African drumming and performing in this genre with various groups as well. She is still a member of the Bale Folclorico Do Brazil participating in school shows and introducing Brazilian culture in various locations around California. She teaches a capoeira music class and is part of the children's program in the Brazil Brazil Cultural Center.

Recently, Maman completed research in Salvador-Bahia regarding women in the music of Candomblé. The research explored women’s issues in the religion and music while getting an understanding of the affects of this topic to women in capoeira.

Currently Maman is releasing her first capoeira music CD.
Enjoy folks! And contribute to her paypal if you are able. We need to support each other in all endeavors.

Congratulations, Dana!

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