Pics from Women's Event in Salvador

Here are some pictures from the FICA/Nzinga women's event that was held last weekend in honor of International Women's Day.

We started the fun at Nzinga on Friday night. We started the roda with an all-women bateria, and two women playing. Men were there, and soon joined in the roda. Following the roda we had a mesa de frutas, always welcome after an energetic roda.

The next day, the dedicated were up early and ready for music class with Ana. We had people from all over the city, not just capoeiristas take part in the music class, as well as the dance class that followed, led by Suelly. It was an amazing class! We were all ready for the roda.

We had another roda, with participation of people from FICA, Nzinga, Zimba, Grupo Bonfim, Filhos de Angola, and others. Again, we followed the roda with a mesa de frutas.

Many thanks go to Mexicana (Adrianna) for all her organizing efforts. It was a great event.

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