Happy New Year Calendar Round-up

The blog wishes everyone out there a happy new year. We look forward to seeing you in a roda somewhere, sometime this year.

Here are some of the events we already have lined up.

4 - 6, FICA-DC Workshops with M Paulinha & M Poloca, Washington, DC
5, FICA-Bahia first roda of the year (white clothes), Salvador
5, Roda at Largo das Neves with Kabula Rio, Rio de Janeiro
6, FICA-DC first roda of the year (white clothes), Washington, Dc
15 - 21, 1st Permangola Meeting, Valenca, Bahia
18, Deadline for submissions to the Caxixi magazine

1 - 3, 4th African Capoeira Angola Encounter, Maputo, Mozambique
3, Rodathon (all day marathon roda), Washington, DC
23 - 24, Brazilian Party & Roda, Baltimore

6 - 9, 10th Annual Women's Conference, Washington, DC

23- 27, Event with M Joao Grande, New York City

Summer (July-August)
Annual FICA Capoeira Anrola Encounter, Chicago

Mestre Pastinha/ Zumbi Weekend, Seattle

If your school's event is missing, please send the details to: ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com

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Anonymous said...


Someone told me about the FICA 2008 Women's Conference, and although I can't make it this year anyway I was wondering, for future reference, if this is an angola-only event? She highly recommended it to me and I am interested, but I've only ever done capoeira regional. Thank you!