Summer Event in the Vale do Capão

Sowing 2008
5th International Encounter
Capoeira Angola
July 24 - August 3

Between mountains and rivers, streams, waterfalls, and native vegetation, the Vale do Capão is certainly one of the most exuberant regions of Brazil. During this event, our primary objective is to live among the elements of the essence of nature and the naturalness of the movements and fundamentals of Capoeira Angola, honoring the traditional knowledge, feeling the natural reflections of our bodies and our adaptability to the natural environment. In Salvador, we will visit the most renowned mestres to get to know their schools and teachings. Respecting the differences in the world of Capoeira Angola is our greatest challenge. The event is open to all interested. Mestres and friends will participate so that we can play, exchange information, and increase our understandings. All are invited. It will be a pleasure to welcome you into our house.


July 24
7 pm – Opening, Espaço Mandinga, Mestre Jogo de Dentro

July 25
7 pm – Visit to Mestre Curió’s space

July 26
7 pm – Visit to Mestre Moraes’ space

July 27
10 am – Visit to Mestre Lua de Bobó’s space, Arembepe

July 28
9 am – Departure for the Vale do Capão
7 pm – Opening roda, Terras do Poente

July 29
8 am – Hiking
7 pm – Lectura (Dr. Gilda Fucs)
9 pm – Samba de Toda and Forró

July 30
8 am – Hiking
3 pm – Movement class (with an invited mestre)
9 pm - Roda de Capoeira Angola

July 31
8 am – Hiking
3 pm – Rhythm class, bandstand
9 pm – Lecture about music, rhythms, and fundmentals of Capoeira Angola, bandstand

August 1
9 am – Movement class, bandstand (invited mestre)
2 pm - Movement class, bandstand (invited mestre)
7 pm – Capoeira roda and Samba de Roda, bandstand
9 pm – Local presentations, bandstand

August 2
8 am – Rhythm class, Morro da Rapadura
5 pm – Capoeira Angola roda, Terras do Poente
10 pm – Open party, bandstand

August 3
7 am – Breakfast
9 am – Return to Salvador

Payment Plans

Package 1: R$850,00 (Program, Pousada, Breakfast, Transport)
Package 2: R$650,00 (Program, Camping, Transport)
Package 3: R$300,00 (Program)
Single Events: R$40,00 (class, roda, or trips)

Forms of payment: At registration or by bank deposit to Jorge Egídio dos Santos, Banco do Brasil, agência 1515-6, conta corrente 33601-7 (bring the receipt as proof of payment).

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