Rodathon 2008: Details & Pledge Form

On February 3rd, FICA-DC along with FICA-Baltimore & FICA-Philadelphia will be hosting its annual Rodathon Fundraiser.

The Rodathon is a 7 hour roda in which participants are sponsored by friends, family, co-workers, random do-gooders, and others to complete as much of the roda as they can. Usually, participants are sponsored by the hour or given a lump sum. All funds go to support the Women's Conference that will take place in March.

The fun starts at 9 am and goes til 4. All are welcome, sponsored as well as non-sponsored capoeiristas. We'll have a little party afterwards.

If you would like to be a sponsored participant, you can download the pledge sheet here.

If you would like to sponsor someone (hmmm...perhaps the administrator of this blog??), send an email to ficadcarchives (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll work something out.

Hope to see you there.

Thanks to KatieS for the flyer.

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