Closing 2007 & Opening 2008 in Rio de Janeiro

T Carrapicho (Daniel) of FICA-Oakland sent in these pictures and report about the end of the year and New Year’s Capoeira Angola events in Rio de Janeiro.

The end of the year in Rio de Janeiro was full of Capoeira Angola, from the now traditional roda in honor of Mestre Pastinha led by Mestre Neco to another nice roda on Zumbi day upon the arrival of Mestre Carlão, as well as closing rodas of different groups at the end of December.

In the center of the city, in the Ile of Angola, there was a closing roda that included the presence of Mestres Lumumba, Brinco, Chaime%, and Contramestres Geraldo, Fred, Urubu, Pedrinho, Magal, and others. The roda started in the morning, and afterwards we had a nice churrasco. On this same day, Mestre Jurandir was in Rio for the inauguration of the new FICA-Rio space in Lapa, leading the classes and roda.

At Ypiranga de Pastinha, Mestre Manoel, who had just arrived from a trip to France with some of the members of the group, did a roda on Thursday, with a presentation of their new cd and dvd, and a little party for all present. The dvd included the intense participation of Mestre Cobra Mansa.

Mestre Mano and GRupo Flor da Gente held two closed events in their beautiful space in Catete; a workshop with Mestre Rogerio from Angola Dobrada, and a roda, party, and Secret Santa gift exchange at the end of the next week.

And to truly close the rodas of the year, Mestre Russo and Mestre Peixe received everyone in the bakery for a nice roda, with the presence of Mestre Rogério, Contramestre Negão, Treinel Ir% from Angola Dobrada, Mestre Manoel, Baba, Marrom, King, irmão Moura, and Contramestres Kiki, Renato, Cristina, among others. As always, there was a high level of capoeiragem to see and much respect among the capoeiristas, leaving everyone wanting 2008 to come quickly for more rodas at this level.

And opening the year, Mestre Carlão organized a roda on the first Saturday of the year in the Largo das Neves. Unfortunately, during the roda it started to rain, but the roda continued for about another hour of slippery ground and much danger. Mestre Angolinha and Mestre Manoel arrived late and did not want to play in the rain. Afterwards, everyone went to the birthday party of Tereza.

On Sunday, there was the roda in Caxias, and Mestre Manoel left for Rio, heading to Bahia to participate in the event of Mestre Lua de Bobo.

Next time you are heading to Brazil, put Rio de Janeiro on your itinerary because there is a lot of great capoeira and great people.

This report will also be published in the 2008 edition of Caxixi, which will be coming out as part of the Women’s Conference. This magazine project is open for all to participate!!! If you would like to submit a poem, story, ladainha, drawing, photo, etc, the deadline for submissions is January 18 (Friday)!! If you have questions, or need a little bit more time, please e-mail:

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Many thanks to T Carrapicho for this great report, and to T Gege & Ama (FICA-Baltimore and one of the Caxixi editorial team members).

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