First Official Roda for FICA-NYC

Taagen and Aaron open their game. T Fabio, T Baba, Njoli, & Feijão on the bateria.

FICA-NYC hosted its first official roda on June 16th. People from all over showed up-- a bunch of students from M João Grande's school and Capoeira Angola Palmares (Mestre Nô), some of us from Washington, DC, and Kevin all the way from Mexico (technically, he's in NYC for the summer). It was a lot of fun-- you just have to get there on time. The roda starts at 10:00 am and ends a little before 1:00 pm. Afterwards everyone headed to the park for a post-roda picnic.

Student from M Nô's school shows off his moves with Ella, the coolest capoeirista around.


See you on July 21!

More pictures on the Portuguese side of the blog.

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