Capoeira Angola in Bangkok

Phu leads the music class

World Capoeira Angola traveler, JenM went to Bangkok to visit the Capoeira Angola group for a second time-- and this time she brought her camera. Here's what she has to report back:

In May 2007, I had the great opportunity of returning to Bangkok and visited with Phu and his girlfriend Ryce. Phu trained Capoeira Angola with FICA-Chicago and then FICA-DC. He moved to Bangkok in May 2006. In October 2006 I went to visit with him and Ryce. One day we were training at Lumpini Park. A few guys came up to us and asked us what we were doing. Phu and Ryce explained to them about Capoeira Angola. Those same guys began training with Phu. When I went back in May 2007, the little group had grown. They were extremely interested in learning more about the history, philosophy, and spirituality of Capoeira Angola. It was very exciting to see them training and asking questions about movements and music. They were very motivated in learning how to make a berimbau, sing songs, and stand on their heads! If you are travelling to Bangkok or anywhere in South East Asia, make sure you stop in and visit Phu and Ryce. He has a great group and with the support of Ryce, they continue to spread Capoeira Angola to a new culture. They welcome good energy and is always up for training.

The group in Bangkok with artfully displayed berimbaus.

Jen, please explain this one.

More photos on the Portuguese side of the blog.

As always, many thanks to JenM. We expect those pictures to keep rolling in!

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