Capoeira Pererê Event

Here's an article and video about a great capoeira event that took place in Amsterdam. The article is in Portuguese. Here's a translation of a bit:

An event especially for people with physical and mental disabilities took place in Amsterdam on June 8 & 9. The event, called Capoeira Pererê, was an initiative of city official Oud Zuid and was organized by the Berimbau de Ouro Capoeira Association....

...Nikolai Klink of Finland came from Helsinki especially to participate in the event and give workshops. Although he was born without arms, and his feet are a bit turned to the inside, he has been doing capoeira for eight years. For him, the most important aspect of the Brazilian sport is the improvisation and the cultural traditions.

Van den Kieboom, who has been doing capoeira for a year, has only 2% vision in his left eye. With capoeira, he discovered new possibilities for his body… “It enriched my life. I met new people and learned about capoeira’s values and Brazilian culture.”

The great thing about capoeira is that because there are infinite ways to excel within it-- be it through singing, doing acrobatics, giving rasteiras, moving beautifully, moving quickly, moving slowly and controlled, knowing the history, improvising songs, etc.-- pretty much anyone can participate, find their path, and do well.

This event is an excellent example.

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