Salvador, Brasil: cd release, birthday party & workshop

Vem vadiar mais eu mano meu!

55 Years of Capoeira Angola
Mestre Virgílio da Fazenda Grande

CD Release
“Capoeira Angola na Travessia do Mar”

December 20, 2009

A Special Invitation
We would like to invite all capoeiristas to participate in our celebration of Mestre Virgílio’s 55th birthday, including his 55 years of resistance and practice of Capoeira Angola, on December 20 in Salvador, Bahia. Please bring your students to celebrate one of the great mestres of Capoeira Angola in Bahia.

Below is our event schedule. All events are free.

Also, the new CD will be sold at the event for R$15

Schedule of Events
9 am, movement class with invited mestres
11 am, Lecture: “The Tradition of Capoeira Angola as Social Education”, Mestre Roxinho
12 noon, Rhythm Class and Singing with invited mestres
1 pm, traditional Capoeira Angola roda and Samba de Roda
3 pm, Caruru

All activities are free!
Fruit will be served during the activities.

Place: Espaço Cultural Ana Amelia, Rua Melo Moraes Filho ao lado da Cesta do Povo
Neighborhood: Fazenda Grande Do Retiro- Salvador Bahia

Organized by:
Escola de Capoeira Angola 1◦ de Maio & ECAMAR Sydney
Mestre Virgílio & Uildes
Telephone: 071-8890-3295
E-mail: mestrevirgilio (at) hotmail (dot) com

Thanks to Paulo M for the information.

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