FICA-NY Website Re-launch

FICA-NYC has been busy re-designing its website. Check it out!

sometimes it's necessary to renew and revitalize the energies, to reevaluate our sense of purpose. rolling into yet another year here in new york, we've decided to take a good long look at the things we'd like to highlight, the things which make us special and a vital part of our smaller and larger communities. being here in such a cultural hub, nyc, we realize ourselves as strong devotees to the arts and see FICA NY as a wonderful forum to exhibit all of the arts which truly strive to propogate our values, the importance of culture, kinship, community, family and home.

as well, having a group full with educators, our dedication to youth work is a sort of given. we're trying, in every mode, to find new ways of addressing the hopes, aspirations and needs of our local young people and are "burning the candles" to maintain a presence in the public schools (elementary through high), universities, and co/extra curricular programs. we are, as well, currently in the midst of developing and designing the FICA Youth Conference.

all this being said, a viewable expression of these aspects needed to be designed in order that we might share the excitement we feel for all the up and comings. so here we are. as of saturday, december 5th, FICA NY - Study Group will re-launch itself with a new and inspired website (special thanks to our remarkable web team puck and shayna), complete with blogs, videos, photos. only a week later we will release some of the collaborative video work we've been putting together with local artist, benton greene. and yes!!! just one week later!! we'll be opening our new online art gallery, with the sole purpose of featuring some of the remarkable artisans within the FICA family. the gallery will be a venue for relevant photos, sculpture, paintings and visual arts of all sorts which represent the heart and sentiment of this socio-cultural movement (we hope you will put us in contact with anyone you think we might want to show).

we will also soon be releasing a special students section (password protected for FICA students) which will carry portuguese language learning resources, diasporic history materials, etc. we would love your input on things you would like to see included in this portion. the idea was to create this as a tool and incentive to those new and old FICA students looking to expand their knowledge and ability.

we thank everyone for all the support they've given us over the past few years and hope that the new old FICA NY can continue to put as much into the pot as it takes away.

FICA NY - Study Group

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