Call for Designs for Upcoming Youth Conference

As always, FICA-NYC brings us another innovative event - and you can be a part of it. This looks great!

New York Youth Conference Design

FICA New York is planning a youth conference in 2010. The theme of the conference is youth empowerment through activism. We will be providing capoeira workshops, dance and music classes, and a service project for the youth in attendance.

We are calling all artistically inclined individuals for image submissions for the conference. The selected image should convey the theme of the conference in a fun and exciting way. Remember our audience will be youth interested in capoeira. We expect to use the image on shirts and posters for the event. Let your creative side loose.

Send your works and questions to ficany[at]gmail[dot]com.

Good Luck!

Get your design on, friends!

And check back for more information on the event. Its going to be great for the kiddies.

Thanks to Njoli.

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