Salvador & Recôncavo da Bahia: 3rd Capoeira Encounter

This event looks amazing. You can't miss it if you are in the area!

The 3rd Capoeira Encounter of the Recôncavo will honor Mestre Felipe de Santo Amaro de Purifcação, a significant mestre from the old guard, as well as an artisan and capoeira singer.

This is a traveling event that aims to show and give value to the existing movement between urban capoeira and the rural capoeira of the Bahian Recôncavo.

This event will take place in Salvador, Santo Amaro and Santiago do Iguape, a small village of fisherman and farming quiombolas from the 27th to the 29th of November, 2009.

Schedule of Events

11/27, Salvador
10 – Opening and reception with the children capoeiristas of Santo Amaro, students of Mestre Ivan (ACANA), at the Faculdade de Educação/UFBA
10h30 – Exhibition and discussion about the film “A CAPOEIRA DE UM MESTRE E O SEU BANDO ANUNCIADOR” in the Sala de Cinema da UFBA/Faced.
14h – Percussion Workshop with Mestre Lua / Praça do Pelourinho
16h – Educational activity for the kiddies (painting in honor of M Felipe)
18h - BANDO ANUNCIADOR parade with the children capoeiristas from Santo Amaro
20h - Roda de Capoeira at the Terreiro de Jesus
22h – Table of fruits and mingling following the roda

11/28, Santo Amaro
8 am – Leave for Santo Amaro
11 am – Arrival at the Praça da Matriz with a welcome roda
2:30 pm – Capoeira Angola Workshops with M Ivan and Maculelê Workshop with com Erisivaldo at the Barracão of M Ivan
4 pm – Snack and education activity for children (games, songs and painting)
5 pm – Discussion at the Barracão, with M Felipe and the old capoeira mestres of the Recôncavo + Roda
8:30 pm – Film: “Tributo a Mestre Bigodinho” and “Umbigada” at the Praça da Matriz

11/29 - Santiago do Iguape
9 am – Collective breakfast at the Casa do Samba
9:40 am – Leave for Santiago do Iguape
10:30 am – Arrival, capoeira roda, and hang time with the old mestres of the community
1 pm – Lunch in Santiago do Iguape
2 pm – Berimbau and Song Workshop with M Felipe
4 pm – Return to Santo Amaro
5 pm – Closing roda at the Casa do Samba
6:30 pm – Return to Salvador.

Registration: R$130
Includes food, transportation, housing, workshops and a t-shirt.

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