São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil: Free Workshop

Hey folks, if you are in Sao Paulo towards the end of February, you won't want to miss this great **free** workshop with Mestre Valmir of FICA-Bahia:

Hello Friends!

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to participate in the “1st Capoeira Angola Encounter of the Vale do Paraíba and the North Coast” taking place in São José dos Campos, São Paulo on Febrary 28, 2009.

I, Contramestre Saci, am very honored to share this event with you.

Notice: This is a **free** workshop, we will be with Mestre Valmir all day.
Location: SESC, Ademar de Barros no number. Point of reference: Parque Santos Dumont, the building is located beside the park.

Schedule of Events:
Feb 28
9:30 h, Event begins with a movement workshop and a short discussion.
12 h. Lunch break
14 h, Roda

Note: Please do not be late, and let us know in advance that you will participate.
Contact info: CMestre Saci, 0XX12-3912-6929 / 9733-3898

Don’t miss this greatr opportunity.

Um grande abraço e venha na paz de Deus!
Thanks to FICA-SP for the information.

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