Gabriela Casal, also known as "Pintadinha", created a small Portuguese <-> English manual entitled "Inglês na aula de capoeira" (English in capoeira class) for Brazilian teachers of capoiera who were traveling abroad, but it works just as well for English-speaking students.

Here are just a few examples of frequently used words and phrases that she has translated:
dois a dois – two by two/ in pairs

direita – right

esquerda – left

De novo – again

isso! – good!

rápido – Fast

devagar – slow

descer/ Desce – go down/ go low

subir/sobe – stand up/ get up

trocar/troca – switch

chutar/ chuta – kick

virar/vira – turn

girar/gira – spin

travar/trava – block

soltar/solta – release/let go

armar/arma – prepare

abdominal – sit-up

apoio – push-up

mão toda no chão – whole hand on the floor

protege seu rosto – protect your face

Desculpe o atraso – I’m sorry I’m late

Estou cansada/o – I’m tired

Onde fica o banheiro? – Where is the bathroom?

Pode me dar seu telefone? – Can you give me your phone number? (seriously!!)
There are many more in the little manual. Have any words, phrases, or lines that you would like to share?

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