Salvador, Brazil: FICA-Bahia Closes 2008

FICA-Bahia held its final roda of the year on Saturday, December 13. They welcomed capoeiristas from Grupo Nzinga, including Mestre Poloca, as well as Acanne, Acupe de Brotas, Angoleiros de Serra, Fabricio from Colombia (our old friend from FICA-DC who also trained for many years with FICA-Bahia), and a whole mess of gringos from all over the world- South Africa, Sweden, the USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, Israel, and many other countries.

It was a real good time. The energy was fantastic, the music was excellent, and we ate a lot of fruit when it was over.

If you missed the closing roda, you can catch the opening roda of 2009 on Saturday, January 10th at the FICA-Bahia space at Ed. Esther Moura Franca, Rua Carlos Gomes no. 111 5o andar, Centro.

Have fun!

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