Stockholm, Sweden: Workshops with Mestre Valmir

Information on upcoming workshops in November:

Capoeira Angola Workshops
7- 9 November 2008

with Mestre Valmir
Fundacao Internacional Capoeira Angola - Salvador

Mestre Valmir is not just famous for his capoeira, but also for his mission to turn young students from high risk areas into good leaders. In 2005 he visited sweden as part of the project O Pulo do Gato - Hoppa som Katten together with two young capoeiristas Idjaie & Yuka from Massaranduba, an under-privileged area outside Salvador to taslk about capoeira and young peoples situation in those areas. This time Mestre Valmir is going to visit schools at the suburb Tensta. We are looking forward to see you too!

Open for everybody. All ages & all skills.
Friday 18.00 - 21.00 Sofia Skola, Skånegatan 117
Saturday & Sunday 10.00- 17.00 Tensta Träff & Blå Huset/Tensta
Evening program Friday & Saturday with dinner, video etc.
Ask for program:
ficasweden (at) yahoo (dot) se

To participate:
Registrate before 1 November by paying 650 skr (sleeping place included)
at pg: 836 07 13-5 Capoeira Angola Stockholm.

People living outside of sweden can pay upon arrival. (please complete your registration)
Without registration: 750 skr at door (we cannot guarantee a space to sleep)
Registration & program:
ficasweden (at) yahoo (dot) se

Fundacao Internacional Capoeira Angola - Sweden

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