London, UK: Kabula International Conference

Information on an upcoming event in London:
I Kabula International Conference
Celebrating Besouro Preto - Story, Myth and Identity in Capoeira

Who was this capoeirista and where in his story is the line between truth and myth?
Mystery still shrouds one of the most skillful and enigmatic sons of Capoeira. Besouro, the Black Beetle of the town of Santo Amaro, in the Bay of All the Saints, Bahia. From feats of rebellion to fantastical stories of metamorphosis comes the truth of one of the Black heroes of Modern Brazil.

Kabula invites you to celebrate the man and explore the story that is Besouro Preto

:: Special Guests Capoeira ::

Mestre Braga :: Geneve Rio de Janeiro :: GRUPO AFRICA BANTU
Mestre Russo :: Rio de Janeiro Duque de Caxias :: GRUPO COSMOS
Mestre Carlão :: London Rio de Janeiro :: KABULA ARTS & CULTURE
Mestre Boca do Rio :: Santiago de Compostela Salvador :: GRUPO N'ZINGA
Mestre Paulo Siqueira :: Hamburgo Hannover Rio de Janeiro :: CAPOEUROPA
Mestre Joãozinho da Figueira :: Londres Maputo Manaus :: GRUPO MARAZUL
Professor William :: Manchester Leeds Belo Horizonte :: ACCA - Associação Cultural de Capoeira Angola
Professoras Rejane / Rilene :: Londres Fortaleza :: GRUPO AMAZONAS

:: Special Guest Percussion ::

Master Percussionist from Rio de Janeiro Mestre Pedro Lima will be again with us in London for a long season and he is bringing his natural energy and vibe to teach the most fantastic rhythms from Afro-Brazilian Oral-Rhythmic traditions: for the workshops bring agogos, drums, berimbaus, pandeiros and as many rhythm you have in your backpack ... you will need them.

Pedro Lima on YOU TUBE:
Jongo Diminuto - Mestre Messias dos Santos & Pedro Lima :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1wSHmMRLkg
Batucadas Brasileiras - Orquestra Robertinho Silva :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuTSyVWFGv8&feature=related

... and other guests from London and UK.

Opening Night :: Thursday the 27th, Nov ::
O ZELADOR* Film Screening with Mestre Russo and Director Daren Bartlett + Q & A


- Films, Lectures, Rodas, Workshops, Afro-Brazilian Percussion, Brazilian Party with DJ and serious alive percussion.
- Dr Matthias Röhrig Assunção* - Lecture: Besouro Preto and Capoeira in Bahia during the first half of the XX Century.
- Capoeira for Performers - Lecture
- Alternative & complementary therapies (booking needed) :: Ostheopaty, Reiki and Shiatsu with specialists.

More info coming soon: program, venues, costs, timetable and etc.

:: We will give discount to groups and those who pay before November the 10th. We strongly advice you to contact us in advance for booking as there are limited space for all activities ::

Costs ::

1st day Nov 27th :: Opening + Special Guest: Mestre Russo will be @ film screening (O Zelador) + Q & A + Roda :: £10

Workshop days :: Nov 28th, 29th & 30th

Option 1 :: 2 days £35
Option 2 :: 3 days £45
Option 3 :: 4* days £55 (*including the 1st day)

- Non-members :: payments in advance till November the 10th will get £5 discount for the Options 1, 2 or 3. (Please contact us @ info@kabula.org)
- Kabula members :: £45 for the Option 3 or £5 discount for the Options 1 or 2.
- Groups of 6+ :: £40 for the Option 3 or £25 Option 1 / £35 Option 2

More info about the Conference soon @ www.kabula.org / info@kabula.org

Contacts: info@kabula.org Mob. 07913993453

(*Dr Matthias Assunção will introduce to the capoeira at the time of Besouro. He’ll explain the social and cultural background of Bahian society, based on sugar cane plantations and small towns around the Bay of All the Saints as well as focus on the central role of the Salvador harbour for the development of capoeira. He will contrast the art as it was practiced during the first decades of the 20th century with its contemporary forms, and summarize recent research by historians on the biography of Besouro).

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