Salvador, Brazil: Capoeira Music Festival & Competition

Ok, folks. Its time to show the world what you are made of musically. This is going to be very cool:
II Encounter of Current and Traditional Capoeira Music


II Festival of Ladanha, Corrida, Quadra & Chula

Competition categories:

Top prize in each category: R$600,00 (six hundred bones)

Last day to enter: October 30, 2008
This is also the last day that entries may be posted to Sedex.

Final selection:
Friday, November 7 – 6 pm
Praça Tereza Batista – Pelourinho

Saturday, November 8 – 4 pm
Praça Tereza Batista – Pelourinho

Selection criteria:

Ladainha: following the traditional format of the mestres of Capoeira Angola, Pastinha, Waldemar, Traíra, among others

Corrido: Within the poetic and melodic standards of the corridos of Mestre Pastinha and Mestre Bimba and other mestres of the 1960s.

Quadra or Chula: as Mestre Bimba called them in Regional

All the music must be new, previously unreleased and not recorded
Each participant may submit one entry per category

Entry form:
!. The entry form should be filled out and signed (it may be downloaded here or it is available in hardcopy form at the places mentioned below)
2. Copy of your RG & CPF
3. CD of the music and four copies of the lyrics

Entries should be sent to:
Casa dos Instrumentos da Coleção Emília Biancardi
Rua Gregório de Mattos, 31
Centro Histórico

Projeto Mandinga
Instituto Jair Moura
Rua Comendador José Alves Ferreira, 170

For more information:
(71) 8847-0925 or 8732-2476
colecaoemiliabiancardi (at) gmail (dot) com

Instrumentos Musicais Tradicionais Coleção Emília Biancardi & Instituto Jair Moura.
To access the registration form and for more information about the collection, plus biographies of Mestre Pastinha & Mestre Bimba, check out their very interesting website (in Portuguese).

Good luck to everyone participating!

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