Sydney, Australia: International Encounter

Second International Encounter of Capoeira Angola in Sydney

Who - Mestre Roxinho from Bahia, Brazil. Master of Capoeira Angola with a social conscience who is to sharing the cultural heritage of Capoeira Angola with Australia. Guests from Brazil Mestre Plinio and Mestre Augusto. The workshops are open to all ages and abilities and to observers.

What - 5 day Traditional Capoeira Angola Event, the second ever in Australia.

Aborginal Welcome to open the event
- Music and Instrument Classes
- Instrument Making Classes
- Movement Classes
- Roda Demonstrations
- Capoeira Angola History and Cultural studies including Videos
- Fundraiser Party on Saturday night 22nd November
- Close on Sunday with a ‘Samba de Roda’ dance/ celebration.

When - Full programme available on our website.
Wednesday 19th November 6:00pm-10:00pm
Thursday 20th November 6:00-10:00pm
Friday 21st November 6:00-10:00pm
Saturday 22nd November 12:30 Roda Demonstration in Hyde Park
Sunday 23rd November 3:00pm Roda Demonstration at ECAMAR School

Where – Capoeira Angola Cultural Centre, 41 Belmore St. (Cnr Foveaux St), Surry Hills Sydney. The school is just two minutes walk from Central Station.

How - To enroll go to our website.

To observe the roda demonstrations just come along entry is by donation/ $5

More info:

Sydney- The Brazilian Art of Capoeira Angola, the potent dance-fight style is about to explode into central Sydney this November at the Second International Encounter of Capoeira Angola.

Capoeiristas from Australia, New Zealand and Brazil will converge on Sydney's Capoeira Angola Cultural Centre from November 19 to November 23 for five days of percussion, song, dance and martial arts.

Mestre Roxinho will be joined by Mestre Plinio and Mestre Augusto, renowned Capoeira Angola Masters from Brazil, in leading 'Roda' demonstrations, African dance and instrument making workshops, cultural education and movement classes through out the five day encounter.

The workshops and classes are open to all ages and abilities and will be a unique opportunity to experience the culture of Capoeira Angola in its traditional form. Special attendees will be African and East Timorese Refugee Kids from Mestre Roxinho's Project Bantu for disadvantaged youth.

The Second International Encounter of Capoeria Angola runs from 19 November to 23 November at The Capoeira Angola Cultural Centre Sydney 41 Belmore St, Surry Hills.

For more information visit our website.

For more info please contact Mestre Roxinho on 0415 298 950 or email mestreroxinho (at) gmail (dot) com

Project Bantu

Thanks to Claire for the information.

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