Salvador da Bahia: Workshops with Mestre Jogo de Dentro

Chamada de Angola

Experience Capoeira Angola with
Mestre Jogo de Dentro
From December 19 – 21, 2008

where: Salvador da Bahia
Casa de Mandinga / Garcia
e Coletivo de Mulheres / Calafati

when: December 19 -21
contact: 71- 8727-7127 / 8756-6434
jogodedentro (at) bol (dot) com (dot) br

Chamada de Angola - 18 Years of Resistance

With the aim of spreading and strengthening Capoeira and the work of the Grupo Semente de Jogo de Angola, Mestre Jogo de Dentro will hold the “Capoeira Experience” in December, with the objective to exchange information through the game, rhythm, and musicality.

Grupo Semente do Jogo de Angola will realize yet another cycle in its 18 years of resistance. We hope to continue spreading our seeds throughout the world, contributing and preserving the tradition of capoeiragem…

Come learn a litlle about this cultural phenomenon with African roots that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit through its rhythms, songs, and physical movements.

Schedule of Events
Casa da Mandinga - Garcia
5 pm - Movement Class - M. Jogo de Dentro
7 pm - roda for encounter participants

Casa da Mandinga - Garcia
10 am- Movement Class - M. Jogo de Dentro
2 pm - Music Class - M. Jogo de Dentro
4 pm – Open Roda
Release of a songbook

Coletivo de Mulheres - Calafati
2 pm – Closing Roda with the children of Calafati

Registration cost: R$ 50,00 / Workshops + Cd and a Mestre Jogo de Dentro magazine

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