More London Events: Film & Roda

Here is an update on events in London from the Kabula News Letter:
1- Film Screening - Besouro Preto .. Black Beetle (Documentary) this Thursday the 4th @ 8:30 pm

2- Roda de Rua - Camdem Lock Street Roda @ Camden Town


Arcola Theatre

Besouro Preto
Award-winning film by Salim Rollins

September 4th, 2008 - 8:30pm @ Arcola Theatre
Kabula Capoeira Class from 7 to 8:30pm


In the northeastern state of Bahia, Brazil lies a region of fertile lands spread around the city of Salvador, called the Reconcavo. During slavery, the area was recognized for its high yields of sugarcane. From the small town of Santo Amaro, located in Bahia's Reconcavo, comes the legend of a man steeped in African spiritual tradition, a Capoeirista (practitioner of the movement/martial art Capoeira) who took it upon himself to challenge those who abused their power. Some say he was noble, others a troublemaker who disrespected the powers of authority.

There is no doubt that Besouro Preto (Black Beetle) was a historic figure in Bahia's Reconcovo. But where does the historic figure end and the myth begin?

Besouro Preto looks deeply into the mysterious world of Capoeira, it's historic evolution from Africa to Brazil, its spiritual/religious traditions, its philosophy and then into the life of one of its biggest enigmas: Besouro Preto.

:- The Film Session is free

:- Capoeira Class is £7/5

:- Contact / Directions: Directions

:- Address: Arcola Theatre, 27 Arcola St, London, E8 2DJ


Kabula Montly Roda in September @ Camden Lock in Camden Town:

We are happy to invite all Masters, Teachers, Capoeiristas and friends to rise and share the energy of this Roda de Rua (Street Roda)...

All are very welcome and lets make it a friendly space for all the Capoeiristas and Capoeira stiles.

What time? 5pm
Where? By The Camden Lock
Contact for info: 07913993453 (C. Alex)

P.S. In case its raining Roda will happen in The Thanet Centre in Chalk Farm (see website) from 3pm onwards.

Ate la,

M. Carlao (Alex) & Kabula Team
Kabula Capoeira & Community Projects

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