Capoeira Event in Ilheus, Bahia

DanceBatuKeira 2008
* Capoeira Angola * Dança Afro * Maculelê * Batucadas *

When: July 23 - 27
Where: Ilheus, Bahia, Brazil
Convidados: TBA
Price: USD$633.51 (pousada living), or USD$318.23 (camping)

Cabello and Tisza from Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre Joao Grande invite all:

This will be our 10th event in Bahia

AXE’ in Bahia this summer!!trip to Brasil and Workshops

Rodas and workshops with Tisza & Cabello plus guest Mestres

You will be living in the south Bahia close to historical city of Ilhéus and the very famous Itacaré surf town for 5days and nights taking Capoeira Angola, Maculele, Afro Brazilian Dance and lots of Drumming classes plus instrument making workshops, forest hikes, water falls, white sand beaches, forro dance party and more.

Enjoy and experience classes and workshops of Caxixi, Pandeiro, Atabaque, Batucada drumming, Samba dance, Orixa’ Dance, Capoeira Angola Rodas songs and other percussion ensembles and more…

No prior experience required!! All levels welcome!!!

**Space is limited to 35 people.

Complete registration information is available at their website (click here).

This event looks pretty amazing.

Thanks to Cabello for the information.

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