Whitewater Rafting Trip in July

Wish you were here!

This looks like it is going to be a lot of fun:

Capoeiristas, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Community Members lend me your ear...

ICAF-BALTIMORE is currently in the throes of organizing our 2nd Annual Harriet Tubman Camping Retreat. You are invited to attend. This year we have an exciting weekend planned that includes good food, great music, beautiful people, Capoeira Angola (of course), hiking, biking, sightseeing and WHITEWATER RAFTING!!!!!

From July 25-27 we will be traveling to Ohiopyle State Park in Pensylvania for a fun-filled weekend of bonding, training, community building & nature-loving. We have two whitewater rafting excursions planned on the Youghigeny River: one for adults & a very gentle "float" for the children & pregnant mamas. If you've never been rafting...IT IS A BLAST!

While finalizing pricing we want to ensure the best possible cost for the trip to you, our community. As you know we are providing some meals & snacks during weekend. In order to lock in a great price we need to report some hard numbers to the rafting company. So... if you are planning on going rafting you must make a "good-will" deposit to set your place.

Adults going camping only: $10 deposit
Adults going rafting: $20 deposit
Children going rafting: $5 deposit

Total Reservation Costs

$100 Adult camping & rafting on Lower Yough (4 meals provided)
$70 Adult camping & "floating" on Middle Yough (3 meals provided)
$40 Adult for non-rafting adults (3 meals provided)
$20 Children & "floating" on Middle Yough (3 meals provided)
$10 Children camping only (3 meals provided)

On June 1, registration fees will increase by $20 (not including children's reservations).

Please submit your deposit TODAY to ICAF-Baltimore via PayPal www.paypal.com using this email address as the account. Or submit to me (Cheffy D) in person. This must be done by May 14, 2008!

Registration is due including all fees by June 25, 2008.

Further information retreat & itinerary come! Incentives to those who pay total fees by Friday June 13.

This deposit will be applied to your total registration fees. This deposit is non-refundable but transferable.

Peace & Love,


----------- INTERESTED OUT-OF-TOWNers? ------------------------
Flights on Southwest airlines:

NY $59-122
Chicago $91-184
Oakland $197-230
Seattle $230-280
Texas $105-193
Hope you all can make it!

Thanks to T Skher and Denzel for the information.

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