Chicago: Zumbi / Pastinha Weekend Wrap-Up


Last weekend marked yet another successful Zumbi / Pastinha weekend event hosted by FICA-Chicago. (Above photo by Nora McMahon.)

Friday morning all those who had already arrived and were willing to wake up early took part in an early morning training with the Mestres. That evening, there was a white roda to open the event and honor the memories of Mestre Pastinha and Zumbi.

The next day was packed: two 3-hour classes, a lecture, lunch, and a party. There was barely time to breathe. We split up into two groups. Those with two years and less, and those with more than two years. Mestre Cobra Mansa gave the lunchtime lecture on the history of the berimbau. Later that night we came back to the space for the party. There was a rocking little roda. Following the roda, there was a jam session on the drum

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting all the capoeiristas from across the USA. There were folks from New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Seattle, Indiana, Madison, Ohio, Washington, DC, and, of course, Chicago. I guess that's the advantage of having an event in the middle of the country.

Young students from Grupo Acupe in Indianapolis.

Another highlight of the conference was seeing a good number of kids play well. The kids from Grupo Acupe de Brotas, Marvin from FICA-Chicago, and Adrian and Ella from New York all wowed us in the roda.

There were also announcements about upcoming FICA events:

2007 Roda de Malungos, FICA Bahia, 7:00 pm, 12/14 - 12:00 noon, 12/15
2007 Final Roda of the Year, FICA-Bahia, 12/22
2008 FICA Women’s Conference will be held March 7 – 9 in Washington, DC
2008 International Capoeira Angola Encounter will be held in Chicago, Summer
2008 Mestre Pastinha/ Zumbi weekend will be held in Seattle, WA in November

M Jurandir leads the morning class with the help of CM Silvinho.

M Valmir rocks the agogô.

Alonso (FICA-Atl) and Cobra in the roda. photo by Nora McMahon.

Gunga, M Valmir; medio, T Beto; viola, M Jurandir, with M Cobra Mansa and Michelle, FICA-Chicago. photo by Nora McMahon.

Huu, FICA-Chicago, with CM Chorão, Grupo Acupe de Brotas. photo by Nora McMahon.


Here's a little slideshow:

I don't know why it turned out so little :(

See all Nora's pictures here.

And as always, more pictures on the Portuguese side of the blog.

Thanks again to T Beto, Huu, Michelle, Phu, Anne, Seth, Robert, Justin, Deanna, Kristen, Jenny, Ryan, Brian, Andy, Chelsea, Alycia, Geovannia, Mackel, Marvin, Marlon, Thea, and Ichi the Killer. We're looking forward to the big FICA conference this summer!

If you have any pictures to add, send them to us and we will put up the link.

Also, if you have photos from an event at your school, or an event that you attended, send them along and we will post them.


Gege said...

Loved the photos and as always, loved the fact that news come so fast in this blog!!!!! THANK YOU! :)

guerreiranigeriana said...

wish i could have been there!!!...

michelle said...

i love that you thanked the cat. She'll be at the women's conference in DC, leading the stretching workshops and advising on a panel entitled "How to Sleep All Day and Have Other People Take care of You".