Upcoming Events at FICA-Bahia

December is going to be a busy month at FICA-Bahia. If you will be in the area, take advantage of these great activities!

The Fundação Internacional de Capoeira Angola invites all to participate in its end-of-the-year activities.

Screening of “Hotel Rwanda” by Terry George, 7 pm
Followed by a discussion with Mahomed Bamba, Ivory Coast
In collaboration with Cinemafro

14- 15
Roda de Malungos
Starts 7 pm 12/14 goes til noon 12/15
Organized by FICA-Bahia, Grupo Nzinga, Grupo Zimba

Video presentation, Akía Kokomuo Adessá, 7 pm

Last roda of the year

Roda de branco, 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

All events will take place at the FICA-Bahia space, located at:
Rua Carlos Gomes, no. 111
Edificio Ester de Moura Franco, 5th Floor
Centro - Salvador - Bahia
(tel) 71 3321 7365

Many thanks to Mestre Valmir for the flyer.

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