Capoeira Angola in Bogota, Colombia

A note from international Angoleiro and great amigo, Fabricio:

Hello FICA family, angoleir@s and capoeiristas everywhere.

A big hug from Bogotá, Colombia! Whenever you would like to visit, you are welcome!

I am happy to share news about some events that happened/ will be happening for the first time here in Colombia.

This past Sunday, for the first time in Colombia, we celebrated Black Conciousness Month and the anniversaries of the deaths of Zumbi and Mestre Pastinha. We organized a discussion with a workshop and a Capoeira Angola roda with the participation of other groups.

The biggest news out of Colombia, is that Mestre Cobra Mansa will be here in December!

It is my pleasure to announce that Mestre Cobra Mansa will be visiting Colombia for the first time December 5 -11, 2007.

Mestre Cobrinha is coming to Colombia to present the documentary, Mandinga in Manhatten, to lead a Capoeira Angola workshop, and to discuss future cultural exchange projects with local organizations.

I am glad to invite the angoleir@ and capoeira community to participate in the events during Cobra Mansa’s visit to Colombia, and other activities that we are putting on over the next few months, which we will let you know about once they are confirmed.

As many of you already know, after spending nine wonderful Carnavals in Bahia, I have returned to my home country to continue promoting a cultural exchange between Brazil and Colombia, along with a lot lot of Capoeira Angola- especially now that the Culture Ministries of the two countries have agreed to promote more cultural exchange, and particularly in regard to the African diaspora in the two countries. Now that I am closer to the United States, and more available to travel, I hope to see all of you soon. Keep in mind that my door is always open here (as soon as I find an apt!)

For information, you can reach me at the following e-mail:
Apolere (at) yahoo (dot) com

Grande Abraço,

Fabrício – FICA – DC, BA, and soon, Bogotá!

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