A Sweet Month of Capoeira Angola in Brazil

Finally, the photo wrap up from the 2007 FICA Conference in Rio, plus pictures from the Women’s Roda in Rio, the Malungos event in Salvador, and other candid shots of your favorite capoeiristas.

Mestre Valmir, Yuca, and Dija at the FICA-Bahia roda in Salvador.

Kristen and a friend at the women's roda in Rio.

Frio in Rio.

Panel discussion during the "Malungos" event in Salvador. Mestres Boca do Rio, Valmir, Paulinha, Poloca, Freddy Abreu, and Cobra Mansa.

Nandita and friend at the foot of the berimbau at the women's roda in Rio.

Berimbau orchestra at the "Malungos" event.

Capoeira moms!

JohnC, Harry, Mestre Mano, and AbelP.

Following Mestre Jogo de Dentro's roda in Salvador. KatieS, Nandita, M Jogo de Dentro, JenM, and AnaMaria.

Mestres Valmir and Cobra Mansa having a blast in Salvador.

Thanks to T Gege, AnaMaria, JohnC, JenM, AbelP, and others for the photos!

More pictures on the Portuguese side of the blog.

If you have pictures you want to share, you can e-mail them to us at ficadcarchives(at)gmail(dot)com, or leave in a link in the comments below.

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