Capoeira Angola in Harvard Yard

Monalisa, globe-trotting angoleira and Ph.D student, sent us this email about a Capoeira Angola study group at Harvard University. If you are in the area stop by! Here are the details:

Thank you for expressing interest in joining GSAS Capoeira Angola, the first group of its kind at Harvard University.

This opportunity was conceived as an extension of Kilombo Novo, a community-oriented group in the Boston area that combines the philosophy, history, and practice of Capoeira Angola with a community and youth-oriented focus. We are excited to bring the experience of Kilombo Novo to Harvard, at a fantastic new location.

Classes will take place every Monday, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., at the Office for the Arts (OFA), Director's Studio, located at 74 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. The first hour of the class will be devoted to music, followed by an hour of movement/dance. No experience is necessary, although energy and an open mind are crucial. The first class of the Fall 2007 semester will begin this coming Monday, 17 September. While we do not operate on membership dues as of yet, per-class donations are greatly appreciated to help support instructor, transportation and instrument repair costs.

***Please wear loose, comfortable black pants, and a yellow T-shirt. You will also need clean, comfortable flat shoes (e.g. tennis shoes), but please note that they *cannot* be the same shoes you wear outside. Shoes worn outside bring in dirt and gravel, so it is important that you wear different shoes to train. We have been given this instruction by the OFA, which has just outfitted the Director's Studio with brand-new marleywood floors.

For those of you on Facebook, please view and join the group page: "Capoeira Angola @ Harvard."

We look forward to meeting you in the Capoeira "jogo" (game). Feel free to spread the word about our class by inviting interested friends, and don't hesitate to contact with any questions.

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