"Capoeira das Mães" event in Germany

Just around the corner, an event in Hamburg, Germany:

The Watutsi group for Afrobrazilian culture hosts their second annual "Capoeira das Mães" weekend in Hamburg, Germany. Three days will be dedicated to exploring
femininity and diversity inside capoeira. Besides classes in capoeira,
yoga, and pilates, there will be discussions and presentations. Watutsi
also offers day care during the weekend. The event is an homage to the
women, mothers, and girls in capoeira. "Capoeira das Mães" wants to
provide an opportunity for dialogue among the participants about their
mental and physical relationships with capoeira.

When: September 7- 9
Costs: 60 Euros for adults, 15 Euros for children age 4-12, and 25 Euros for adolescents (13-18)

To register you can download their registration form and mail it back to

More information at:

Afrobrasilianische Kultur
telephone: +49 40 3571 1171
celephone: +49 173 293 5713

You can see some nice pictures of the event from previous years on their website.

Thanks to Lars for the translation!

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Anonymous said...

There is also a Born to Samba show going on currently in Hamburg if you are there. It has Mateus Aleluia, Raimundo Sodre, and Bule Bule all hailing from Bahia. If you are in the area it is definitely worth checking out. A friend of mine is introducing all the bands.