CINEMAFRO, Cobra Mansa, and Angola Event Recap

On August 17, CINEMAFRO hosted a showing of the film “Saudades de quem te ama” about Angola followed by a discussion with M Cobra Mansa, who has made various research trips to Angola. The event took place at the beautiful FICA-Bahia space (I’m not just saying that, you can see how nice it is in the pics). If you missed it, here are pictures along with a bit of the dialogue that took place.

Thoughts from M Cobra Mansa:

About the film:

Well, I consider “Saudades de quem te ama” to be like a poem and that Richard did a magnificent job showing the realities of Angola. The rich Angola and the miserable Angola, and that there is a need for social-political support. So, for me it provided a good base because before I went to Angola, I had that idealistic vision of the Angola of angoleiros (capoeiristas).

The film and the reality of Angola:

The reality that I saw is very shocking. We saw the real side of Angola and when I arrived there it was like I was watching the film again, the social conditions are very fragile and the political system is still fragile, and there is a lot of corruption. So, in this way, I felt the reality of Angola, but the film shows this as well and it allowed me to arrive there well prepared.

Izabel de Fátima

M Cobra Mansa

Just so you can really feel like you were there: the screen.

Thanks to CINEMAFRO for the excellent contribution.

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