Capoeira Encounter in Paradise (Nicaragua)

From the capoeira folks in Central America:

Dear brothers & sisters:
Well, here we are on the island in a lake in Nicaragua, the only fresh water lake in the world that has sharks. We met up to do some capoeira. There were eighteen people from Honduras, two from Costa Rica, ten from Guatemala, and ten from Nicaragua. It was the first capoeira encounter in Central America, and in September, we will have the second encounter in Guatemala in another paradise-like place.

A big hug from your friend, Maloquinho

Thanks! Keep sending us your photos and event wrap-ups.

More pictures on the Portuguese side of the blog.


barbara horstmann said...

dear capoeiristas,
i'm very glad to hear that there is a capoeira angola movement in nicaragua. I'm living here in Nicaragua (Managua) since two weeks and I will stay for 2 years. I would like to join a capoeira angola group, or get to know someone who practices capoeira angola. Do you know anybody? Can you give me a contact?
Thanks a lot,
kind regards,
Barbara (Grupo Capoeira Angola Mae - Colongne, Germany)

FICA-DC Archives Commission said...

Try this contact address:


TOCA justinjustin said...

Hello my Capoeira name is TOCA.
I teach kids/beginners in NYC.
I was born in Nicaragua and I wanna go back to give back to my people.
I was wondering if anyone can send me some information about me going there and teaching a Reginao Workshop.
I just need Accomodations.
Email me please. Any information is helpful.

Toca Capoeira